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Can I repair my damaged led lcd screen?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) March 5th, 2012

I own an Acer aspire One with led lcd screen. I got a nice bang on one side and now.. sob.
I can only see, say, one quarter of the display.
The damaged and non functioning part is mostly blank,on the left (closest to where it got hit), with a strip comprised of several multicoloured stripes and finally another blank part on the right. The functioning part is on the left edge.
feel a bit silly with all this description, but, hey you never know. The info may help.
Is there any way I can fix this at home?

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I think you are out of luck, sounds like the board is broken.

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Let me guess… Got a little excited playing your Wii?

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Google “Acer aspire One replacement screen”

It looks like they can be had for less than $50. Surprisingly reasonable!

Also you will find videos on how to perform the repair.

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I just had the screen in my Acer Inspire One replaced. It cost $109 for the replacement screen and $40 for the install. Now it as good as new. The place that fixed it had to order the part, that took about a week, they replaced it in am hour.

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I suggest take a look at the repair videos to figure how to open it up and just check you haven’t knocked a connector loose. Whatever connectors you see going to the screen unseat and re-connect them. If it doesn’t work, no harm done and you have good practice for when you order that replacement part.

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I forgot to say that when I went in to order the replacement screen I asked about changing it myself. The guy said that it is just taking out a bunch of screws and that it is a pretty simple process. I chickened out but I got the impression that for someone with a bit of mechanical know how it would be pretty easy.

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