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Could we implement a 'flag for follow-up' button?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) March 5th, 2012

I’ll often find something that I want to devote a lot of time and attention to answering, but cannot due to time constraints. Should I close my browser in the meantime, the question will be lost to the mess of questions answered until someone else posts.

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Why don’t you just click “Follow Question”? That’s what I do.

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That happens to me all the time. I cut the URL and paste it into Notepad and then save it to my desktop as something like fluther_question.txt

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yeah – I just “Follow Question.”

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I click Follow too. We have to remember that there’s unlikely to be any new development around here, regardless of the worth of an idea. We have to make do.

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I follow, too. Even if no one has answered it in the meantime (so it doesn’t show up in your new activity), you can still click on Activity for You, and it will be below any of the active questions, under the heading Questions You’re Following.

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Click on the Follow This Question button and it will be preserved in your Activity for You.

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You can also grab or bookmark the permalink for a specific quip so you don’t lose your place.

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Thank you all!

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Just curious. @Nullo What have you been doing the whole time? Since it’s automatic upon answering a question did you just not notice there was a follow question button? :D

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@whitecarnations No. Upon review, my question remains unanswered. And I couldn’t find it again in my Activity page until someone (that would be you) responded again. If there were a Flag for Follow-Up button, I could arrange to pin the question to the Activity page instead of hunting through the menu to find the list of questions that I asked.

Alright, example time.

The thread with the political graph. It has a response that I want to see and reply to – but not yet; I want to be rested and preferably sharp. But I want to be able to visit it, leave, click Activity again and still see it there

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I see, isn’t it My Account>Stuff For You>Activity You’re Following

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Nope., that’s regular ol’ Activity. Now this question won’t show up again until someone responds to it again.

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@Nullo No, it will be there, under the activity for you. See here. That is the “Activity for You” screen. The stuff at the top is questions that have had new answers, but if you scroll down the page, you can see all the questions you’re following, whether there are any new answers or not.

I understand it would be quicker to find if you could pin it someplace, but as long as you’re following it, you can find it.

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You can just drag the icon for that question onto your toolbar.

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