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How did you find Fluther?

Asked by Perchik (4992points) June 27th, 2007

In early january I was chatting with a friend and I was "making up words" that sounded real and the googling them. One of the words i came up with was fluther..I found this and got involved. That's my story, how'd YOU find this place?

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Well no, not early january, instead, late december.

mirza's avatar - a site that reviews Wb 2.0 site

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i a friend of andrew, one of the developers of the site. and i think he's cool!

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I know graphic designer who redesigned the new look.

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I know this cool site also from webware

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Shameless promotion of the site by the brother of a Fluther founder ; )

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I know the creators of Fluther

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I followed a link on the website of Biz Stone --

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I followed a link that my son sent me.

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Andrew's my brother. He rocks. I follow him around the internet.

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Perchik: That's an amazing story. Rock on.

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Ben's aunt..then I have passed it on; to my college listserv and deserving friends.

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Link from Demo Girl website.

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I also found it through

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I found this thanks to a post on the django-user mailinglist :-)

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A friend of mine passed the link onto me.

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They asked me to redesign their site, and now I'm addicted.

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Download squad has it now =)

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Downloadsquad here as well!

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I can't remember! lol

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I'm the brother of my sister who's the daughter of my father who's wife is the mother of the sister who's friend from a high school in a country with a state which has counties and a city at the end of a long stretch o' water and the friend of the sister has a brother who's a lover of a game with a disc and a field and some grass and he helped make a site where there's questions and answers from folk all around like the ones up above me who's answers weren't nearly so long holy damn cause i shoulda just spit it right out and said ben..

oh and @ Perchik - that indeed is an awesome story.

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Ha! Webware and Downloadsqaud! Beat that! :p

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I googled "preschool, and something regarding if it is too much" one of the fluther questions popped up. So grateful I found this site, its a great one.

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NY times article.

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A link on the Talk section of Metafilter..

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from a link on Wibiki

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Ben is my son. Does more need to be said?

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I don’t think I knew that. Cool.

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Yes. It is cool. Thanks.

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Ben is my nephew and he found me. Such a stroke of luck. Plus skfinkel is my sis-in-law (double the pleasure.)

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And Andrew is my youngest son!

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I just found this site from Google search and loved it right away. It’s very fluid.

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My boyfriend’s been talking about this site for a while. I don’t know his screen name… he could be any of you. :)

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i typed in a question on google and just clicked on a site and POOF I have been on Fluther everyday since then

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twitter… @ben ‘s profile

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