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Any tips to help me get to sleep at night?

Asked by MilkyWay (13735points) March 5th, 2012

I’ve got most of the symptoms of insomnia, but I’m not really willing to go to the doctor about it yet. I wanted to know if fellow jellies have any suggestions on how I can get to sleep easier. My situation has gotten really bad; I hardly fit in 3–4 hours a sleep per night and even then I toss and turn quite a lot. Often I go 2–3 days without sleeping at all… my body feels tired and exhausted, but I’m still unable to go to sleep properly.

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If you are not going to a doctor I would try getting more exercise earlier in the day and also being sure that there are no distractions in your bedroom like smartphone, iPad, TV, Laptop.
You can try sublingual melatonin from a health store. No caffeine at all. It can hide in a lot of different foods and drinks.

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Can you get sublingual melatonin without a doctor’s consent?
And thanks :)

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Yes. :) It comes in a spray too.

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I sleep best if I’m physically worn out and not too mentally stressed. I also moved my clock out of sight. When I was having trouble sleeping I’d keep looking at the clock and thinking “If I go to sleep now I’ll get X hours of sleep.” Never worked once.

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Antihistimine works for me. The cheapest is at WalMart, a bottle of 100 for $4.00.

Its a generic, but its all the same.

Take one 25 mg before bedtime. Also, a glass of milk and two cookies could not hurt.

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Thanks people :)

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My husband swears by Calms Forte (available at most drug stores or supplement stores). It is completely herbal and very safe.

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There is a lot to be said about following Grandma’s old prescription of a warm glass of milk a few minutes before you get into bed…Worked when I was a kid and I still try it occasionally. it is better than popping Ambien every night.

Another thing is to get into bed, with the lights out, the minute you begin to feel drowsy. If you fight the drowsiness in order to stay up for another half hour then you miss a window of opportunity to fall asleep.

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I find masturbation to be awesome for the more mild cases of insomnia, where I just can’t turn my mind off.

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Sex. Meditation. Reading. Valerian root. Working out until you can’t stand. If you’re like me, going to sleep is probably just perceived as boring. You have to try to find a game to play in your mind while you lay there (kinda falls under the same category as meditation I guess.) For example: stare at a light bulb for a few seconds. Then go star into the darkness in you room, but look at the after image of the bulb. See how long you can keep it in your view and watch how it changes colors and shape as time goes on. It’s very trippy, and rather exhausting.

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My entire family takes melatonin (including my 6yr old). We use sublingual tablets and liposomal drops. I buy both in vegan formulas, as these seem to work best

If it gets bad enough @MilkyWay let the doctor know. You may need a low-dose ant-depressant taken at bedtime to get you out of this pattern.

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I’m assuming you mean OTC remedies….sooo…... MELATONIN

It’s a natural supplement, even the dollar store has it. I swear by it.

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If you want to take this seriously (which you will eventually) see a doctor and work out a plan. You may need to spend a night in a sleep clinic.

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