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Weight loss and Excercise?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) May 23rd, 2008

Is it possible for someone to drop pounds without changing their diet completely and just add exercise?

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Well as long as ypur current eating habits aren’t too bad and full of taste food or anything too unhealthy, then yea you should be able to lose some weight. Try keeping track of how many calories come into your body and how many you burn off. If you are burning off more then youre taking in, you’ll lose weight.
It wouldn’t hurt to add some healthier things to your diet though, just try not to have too much unhealthy foods or fast foods.
Maybe even pick up a workout DVD or even a specific weight loss DVD. They usually have extras on diets and healthy foods and tips for weight loss.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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My diet is healthy and pretty balanced. I don’t eat fast or drink soda. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t eat the so called junk food. Once in a blue moon I’ll have something, but it’s rare.

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Yes. At least I hope so. I need to start swimming again now that I don’t have college in the evenings :)

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Like the others have said, yes, it’s possible. But the weight loss won’t be as swift.

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a simple change that will help a whole lot would be to drop all white breads from your diet. Make the rule in to whole wheat/grains or nothing at all. White breads have no real nutritional value. Get rid of them and you’ll find its an excellent change. Once you get used to whole wheats they really begin to grow on you. Yum!
If you want a nice brand to switch to for snacks and cereal… I believe their name is kashi. They make excellent and healthy alternatives.

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@delirium That’s a great suggestion, simple things like this can sometimes have profound changes in not only our diets, but how our brains are fed as well. OT, it’s one of the things that I love about being in the Netherlands, the breads are always fresh and there’s a great variety of brown breads. Personally I love crunch and whole or mixed grain breads with seeds truly trip my trigger.

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Assuming that you don’t change your food intake in any way, and that you manage to burn 500 calories per day through exercise, you can expect to lose one pound every week.

If you can’t burn 500 calories per day through exercise, you can still lose one pound per week by reducing your caloric intake (ex. eat 300 calories less per day) and burning the remaining balance (200 calories per day) through exercise.


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Yes, if you exercise more than you take in (calories), then you will lose weight. But I have found that the more consisent I become with exercise, I do make better food choices.

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Take in less calories than you eat and you will lose weight, on the scale at least.

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Yeah, I’ve lost weight that way (from just exercising). You’ll eventually reach a plateau (where I’m at now) where you feel like you can’t lose any more weight exercising. But you have to keep going. Like people said, cut out white bread, don’t eat too much cheese, etc.. pretty common sense. But yes, hardcore exercise will get you FAST results.

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Is this normal… when I jog / walk for two days in a row and I do 10 – 12 km, I feel ‘lighter’ (like I lost weight). This weight almost comes back instantly if I don’t work out for the next few days.

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I don’t think one can lose weight only by doing exercise without changing his diet program. People should plan a diet program that includes limited amount of food and low calorie foods. Perfect diet and regular exercise both are equally important for reducing weight.

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In fact it can work. But you must be very patient because the result will not come within one or two days.

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