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Do "2 years full time" masters programs have summer holidays?

Asked by MissRosie81 (251points) March 5th, 2012


I’m sure it depends on the school but, generally speaking, would a “2 years full time” masters program have summer holidays? Or would you be in school throughout the summer? I’ve had difficulty finding a straight answer online so I thought I would ask around here :)

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Most have a summer term too, with some time off in August. But they are generally year round.

For instance, here is the schedule info for the 19 month UC Berkeley/Columbia program:

The program is divided into five terms of three to four months in length. During each term, class sessions meet five times, typically Thursday through Saturday. Except for the International Seminar, required courses are completed in the first three terms.

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In my experience looking at various programs, most of them usually include taking classes during the summer session/semester. The best thing you can do is look at the specific program you are interested in because it will vary from place to place.

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All of the Master’s programs that I’m aware of expect you to be working straight through the summer; if not in courses, then writing your thesis or other papers. I’m in the sciences; YMMV.

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My program does not have a session during the summer, but we are on the quarter system so that may have something to do with it. It also requires that if you get out in two years, your last quarter must include the comprehensive exams or the defense of your thesis. Most students opt to test out of the program because it is an easier process.

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Friend is going for an MSW and has had the summers off in a two year program.

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Depends on the program. I am in the sciences and masters students do research over the summer; my partner has an MBA and was able to get a second degree taking extra summer classes because the MBA students had summers off.

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Most two year programs will allow students to take summers off, although many programs offer an optional summer session.

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