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What is your escape?

Asked by TheCouncil (380points) May 23rd, 2008

Sometimes you have a bad day, or things just haven’t been right, what do you do for an escape? How do you get away from things, just for a bit to get some perspective?

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I usually work out. It works like crazy for the mind and soul..

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well, first of all, i take a walk. it gives me time to clear my thoughts and think about what made my day so bad and how i can change that. also, taking a nice hot shower feels especially good after a bad day. if i have someone to do it, i get someone to give me a massage, while i spill my guts out.

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I like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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I visit my parents. It doesn’t work as well as it used to, but it is still a very nice change of pace.

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Running and Reading

It used to be surfing but I’m a bit geographically challenged at the moment.

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If you build it, they will come!

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mirza, you rock! Thanks for pulling up that old thread! Much LURVE!

There has been some modification on The Shed of Shred since then!

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herb, the beach and a good sunset.

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Gardening or get out somewhere with my camera and iPod/iPhone.

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Take a hike and clear your mind. Bring your ipod/iphone and get away with some good scenery.

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Dissociative behavior of some sort or another. Drawing, sexual intercourse, being pensive while curled up in bed, watching some kind of media, or hanging out with my reptiles are the most common for me.

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I have a poster that covers up a hole in the wall.

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skateboarding. when i step on my board i forget about all the bad things in my life. all im focused on is the next grind or carve or whatever im trying to do. skateboarding has saved my life more than once. ive been in some bad slumps and when im in those im not skating much. i am all around much happier when i skate a lot.

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Spend some extra time petting my dog. He is always happy to see me; he gives me all the kisses I want; he lays his head in my lap or leans against me when he sees I need comforting. If I get myself up enough to go for a walk, he is ready and eager. If I decide to go to bed and pull the covers over my head, he is OK with that too and stays right beside me.

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I grab a good book and go soak away my troubles in a bubble bath, get out put on some comfy jammies and hide under the covers in my comfy bed!

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If the weather is right, I like to sit by the side of the river and just think. IF the weather doesn’t allow this, I like to soak in a tub with lavendar until the water gets too cold to stay any longer.

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