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Share some memories of a place you loved that closed?

Asked by xnightflowerx (1029points) March 6th, 2012

I’m winding down from a long bittersweet night sending my favorite music venue out with a bang.

Great last show there tonight. I almost left with my friends that never go to shows and never really been to this place, The Strutt in Kalamazoo MI, but as we were standing around about to leave I started remembering all my nights there, the people from all over I’ve met there, the first time I crowd surfed, the people I’ve danced with, the bands I’ve seen, the food I’ve ate. Friendships that solidified in those walls, on that sidewalk…

I started getting really emotional, I walked my friends down to their car, got my stuff ‘cause I knew I couldn’t leave yet and hung around for a few more hours til they kicked everyone out. Ran into tons of my musical show friends I see around town and I made a few new ones too! Had the only two beers I’ve ever had there, danced around the room with people who all share a connection with the place, even shared a kiss at the end of night with one of my buds(and I don’t do that much, but tonight it seemed fitting). Sad to see it go, but we sent it off right. If all works out right they’re hoping to reopen late this year in a different location but there’s still some uncertainty around that and it won’t ever be the same. /:

So in honor of all the great places that have shut their doors. Please share some of your best memories of those places, tell us about them, the people, the atmosphere, let’s remember because great places deserve to have their stories told even after they’re gone!

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I don’t know if I loved it, but the club where I met my husband closed down a few years after we met. Then eventually it reopened. Last time I was there it was gross, about 10 years ago. I hope they have renovated it since then.

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There was a diner where my husband and I, and my sisters and I, and my Mom and I used to eat. They had the most wonderful pot roast. It was always packed. I could never understand why it closed. They also had wonderful breakfast food.

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Three of the five pubs in my village – my walk has been spoilt.

popex. com

The youth club in the village – although I’m too old I do know why the youths are bored.

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Catskill Game Farm, a real nice animal park in Upstate NY, great for families. The National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta, saw Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy inducted there, Nomar brought the twins. Charcoal Pit restuarant in Lake Placid. 1957–2009. RIP.

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Our only Chili’s went out of business last week. :’(

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@Adirondackwannabe: Charcoal Pit is gone? Waa…

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Gone and demolished. It’s now some retail shops. My stomach is crying.

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An aluminum diner that was down the street from my home. My grandma used to be a short order breakfast cook there. :( Sadly, we turned to another diner when that one closed. Now that diner is also long gone.

Diners and diner fare is sorely missed by me. Damn chain restaurants!

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The Lazy Susan. No, this is not a theatre, it was a restaurant. It was a pretty good concept back in the 70s.The food was situated on a revolving table and you could help yourself to whatever you liked. All you could eat for $5.99. I named this place for a particular reason. Not for me, but for the obese people that ate there and strangled the life out of their profits.

It was not unusual to see families of “fat brother and sisters and their children” to hog down tons of food. Seconds and thirds were normal for some of them.

The real kicker was these people asking for a “to go” box. They would load it high with food for a midnight snack or next mornings breakfast. I use to sit in amazement at how this restaurant stayed in business.

Well, it didn’t. It was only open for about a year.

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Where I live, restaurants come and go so fast that it’s hard to remember what was there last. I miss a particular Japanese restaurant that served Japanese country style food. Nothing has taken its place.

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Amigo’s Mexican restaurant in Manchester, which closed at least 10 years ago and I still miss it.

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Woolworths. Lots of childhood memories, and the staff were all so friendly. I remember looking up at the huge array of pick’n’mix sweets there and looking at heaven. It smelt heavenly too.

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Milkway, good answer. And, what about Woolco? I worked security there for many years in Nashville.

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The best ice cream parlor ever in Alabama called Farell’s

I was shocked when my search showed it is still in business in certain places!!

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I would answer Woolworth’s too. The old store with its gold-on-red sign at the main intersection in our little local downtown area was my favorite destination on allowance day.

The aged hardwood floors were worn to a velvety smoothness by many decades of foot traffic. The merchandise in the counter bins and on racks was uniformly enticing, and I loved to look at all of it before making a commitment with my fifteen cents, from the costume jewelry to the canaries, from the men’s handkerchiefs to the brass picture frames with wallet-size prints of movie stars in them. I inspected the little notebooks, admired the hair curlers and the tiny bottles of “My Sin” by Lanvin, and coveted the crisp boxes of fresh, sweet-smelling Crayola crayons.

But nothing, nothing was better than the racks of comic books in the far corner. Ten cents for Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories or Little Lulu, and a nickel left over for a candy bar. Joy.

I still dream about that place. It burned down sometime in the seventies, even before the beloved American institution of the “five and ten” lost its place in our culture.

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A small movie rental establishment in my area called ’‘La Seigneurie Dumont’’. I loved that place so much, because it retained the atmosphere of rental places from the eighties, with all their popcorn machines and cardboard movie posters hanging around all over the place. They even still had loads of VHS.
But I loved that place because while, of course, it had all the popular movies and the hot stuff that was coming out, they were dedicated to obscure and foreign movies. Found so much great horror flicks over there. One girl who worked there was as much a mad fan of horror as I am, and we spent so much time discussing movies. They even had a pizza service for a while, where you could take pizza home with you, or they would deliver it, along with a movie, if you knew what you wanted to rent and if it was available. That service stopped, because I was told they figured that people liked to go in rental places, hang around and scope out movies. But it was still a cool idea; they even made horror recommendations over the phone for me when it was raining too much. XD
But it closed down because it couldn’t hold a candle to VideoTron, which is basically the French Canadian equivalent of Blockbuster Video. (which the latter also closed my precious little Adis Video back in Winnipeg, but apparently, Movie Village is still standing and fighting like a madman, hell yeah!)

The girl I talked with all the time over at La Seigneurie Dumont got a job at VideoTron. I’m happy for her, but I still hate that place to death lol. I just go there to buy PSN cards, I guess until Video Zone suffers the same fate as la Seigneurie. (VideoZone is another great independent movie rental place).

Man, so many memories…going over there, finding so many wtf movies and having a grand time watching them…going there with my ex boyfriend every weekend, and renting out old ass shit and finding obscure VHS tapes and pigging out on flavored popcorn. Going there after my ex and I broke up, and finding comfort in all sorts of movies.
And now it’s gone, and that sucks. The building has been replaced by an outdoors fast food joint. There are so many here already, which I personally think is pretty fucking stupid, since this province is Winter like eight months a year.

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The drive-in. There is only one near Brisbane now.

It was always fun to take the kids to the drive-in.

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@Bellatrix We still have a drive-in here in NYS in Unadilla. I think it’s the last one in the state.
@gailcalled I have some really surreal memories from the Charcoal Pit. We booked reservations in Lake Placid in 2001, for a week, starting on September 15th. Right after 9/11. We were the only people in the Charcoal Pit on a Saturday. It was so quiet.

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@Adirndackwannabe: My favorite restaurant, which seems to have been taken over by the Lake Placid Club, was The Boathouse. Fresh fish and salads. Now the menu seems to be overpriced, over-complicated and over-decorated. (And a perfect walk from the marina where we were docked. I would walk both ways.)

And truth be told, we rarely went to the Charcoal Pit.

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