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My "big toe mound" has been swollen and painful for the past week. What could it be?

Asked by Jude (32152points) March 6th, 2012

Big toe mound.

It’s not a bunion. I’ve been doing yoga a lot. That’s when it started to act up.

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Have you been wearing new shoes or thinner socks? Loose fitting shoes can aggravate the feet, cause blisters, calluses, and inflamation.

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If you have been using yoga positions that have you standing or bending in ways that might aggravate that toe joint it could cause pain. Is it happening on both feet?
Are you sure that it isn’t a bunion? They can start out looking very normal. They don’t have to be huge swellings to be bunions.

I have been having a similar problem with only one of my big toes. I know that I have the beginning of bunions, (thanks mom) but I’m not sure if this is bunion related or something else.

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Possible although unlikely is gout.

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didnt your balls hurt the other day??

gout. get checked out.

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My balls?

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I think that I injured it through yoga or running.

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I say rest it as much as possible for a few days, feet up as much as possible, take some ibuprofen or alleve for a few days, and see if it heals on its own.

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Plantar wart?

Those are the two most likely. (It’s easy to pick up warts in gyms and places like that.) Go to a doctor and find out…

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Not sure what it was, but the swelling is gone and the pain is no more.

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