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When you do a search on Fluther... what is the order that the data comes back in?

Asked by delirium (13715points) May 23rd, 2008

Its not chronological… is it perhaps by relevance? If so, how do you determine that.

Will we ever be able to arrange search results?
Should I just shut up and not ask about new features when you’re already working on the servers?

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@delirium, it appears to be an attempt at relevance. I tried a search for “chat..” The first question contained the word “fluther” and “chat” then it progressed from the shortest question containing “chat” on up through more wordy questions. I would like to have the option to sort search results by date if the search function were to be modified.

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flutility! Nice double (treble?) entendre!

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hahaha. I’m happy someone caught that!!

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