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What is the name of this science fiction book?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12680points) March 6th, 2012

I usually don’t like to ask “what is the name of this…” questions, but here’s one anyway.

Sometime in middle school, I read a science fiction book that revolved around some sort of secret society that could control the laws of physics. A kid found one of the books written by this secret society that allowed him to change gravity. He and some of his friends had to use the various laws of physics to prevent some other person (who could also modify the laws of physics) from gaining access to that book and, I guess, take over the world.

Also, there is a person from the book that is somehow an omniscient narrator that later becomes an actual character in the story.

I can’t really remember much more, except for some tiny details that probably won’t help.

Any ideas as to what the name of the book is?

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@whitecarnations No, not quite.

Also, here is some information that might actually be helpful: It took place in a modern day suburban/urban area.

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How long ago was this? There is a recent series for young readers that sounds exactly like this.

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This sounds vaguely familiar to a Goosebumps(?) book I read a long time ago.

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Sounds like Simon Bloom Michael Reisman.

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I agree with @flutherother. I checked stuff out on Google and the book you are talking about does sound like a book called Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper by Michael Reisman.

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I concur with Simon Bloom.

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