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Do you ever recieve rogue lurve?

Asked by delirium (13691points) May 24th, 2008

I, for example, glanced at my lurve when I noticed it was listing:
# +1 points for visiting two days in a row!
# +1 points for visiting two days in a row!

(To note, there was lurve that appeared before that from two minutes ago. Either I hit a wormhole, or something went wonky.)

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Yes. One morning last week I got 3 of them…..only one added to the score, but there were 3x.

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I usually see that and think that I have been without any Lurve for 6 days. That would suck.

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I dunno if it added both or not. I haven’t been paying enough attention, but its interesting that htis is a common phenomenon.

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Do you ever receive lurve from rogues?

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Not recently. He’s playing warrior and priest at the moment (I think)

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No, but I’ve given accidental lurve before. Since you use your finger to scroll, it’s easy to erroneously hit “Great Answer” while fluthering on an iPhone.
“Accidental Lurve”. Does’nt that sound like a great title for a song?

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@ AstroChuck ~ I sent feedback on that exact phenomenon, accidental lurve. It’s not so bad if the answer is plausible, but sucks when it’s totally off-topic or moronic.

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I wonder if it is part of the server problem. I accidentally posted an answer twice the other day, because it didn’t seem to go the first time.

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hee hee delirium “beam me up scotty”

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Ben recently explained to me why it is that you can get GA/GQ hits, but that they don’t show up in your lurve list/points. (There’s an arbitrary limit on the amount of lurve one person can ever give another.)

Based on what you described, that’s not the same thing, though.

Point is, Ben and crew are aware of some of the underlying shortcomings in the lurve tallying system. They’re likely working on it. And if so, perhaps that would lead to some instability as new features are deployed/tested. Software is frustrating like that.

[ The preceding is pure speculation on my part. ]

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