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If a recipe calls for strained yogurt, which part do you use in the recipe?

Asked by food (792points) March 7th, 2012

Do you keep the strained part, or the liquid that went through the strainer?At first I thought it was the liquid part, but I later read a comment on a forum that said that the water in regular yogurt would not freeze nicely…

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You use the strained yogurt. The water was strained out because it is unecessary.

If you don’t wish to strain this yourself, you can buy good quality Greek yogurt at most grocery stores.

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The solid that comes from the straining.

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I am straining to add something new to the discussion but they’ve got it solidly covered.

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Thanks for the puns and the cultured answers…I look forward to making tart, tangy frozen yogurt tomorrow, by the whey.

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What @SpatzieLover said. “by the whey” – love it!!!

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Yes, I would think you’d use the strained yogurt.

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