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What would the effects (implications?) be if every male and every female in the world looked exactly the same?

Asked by rebbel (24989points) March 7th, 2012

This afternoon, while watching a sports program, I saw a cyclist who had a very big nose a bit like these ones in Frasier.
Suddenly I thought it strange that we all look different from each other.
That made me think of the following question:
What would be different in the world that we know now, if all men, and all women (the men and the women would look different from each other), looked the same same face, same body, same height, same weight, same odour…, everything exactly the same.?
For example, bullying would be history (or would it?).
Other things that you can think of?
I put it in Social, because humor is always appreciated, but some serious, well thought out answers are welcome!

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I would think that humans would have evolved a much more acute sense of smell. and that it would probably be considered quite normal to sniff each other when we met.

I would also expect that tattoo parlors would do great business.

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But would their personalities be different?

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@chyna Yup, for this question they would be.
My initial thoughts were about physique.

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My aesthetic masturbation hour would suck!

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It would really put the emphasis on personality. Also, small differences in appearance would be magnified. Scars might become very popular.

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Oh no it’d be just like Red Dwarf’s Rimmerworld!


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“You cheated on me!”

“I’m sorry babe, I could have sworn it was you!”

“But it was a he!”


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Tattoos would become more popular.

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People would resort to plastic surgery in an effort to be different. The opposite of what happens today where people want to look the same; fat lips, straight nose, smooth skin, perfect chin, etc.

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Airport security would become a joke.

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Photo IDs and mugshots would be pointless.

Bank robbers wouldn’t need ski masks.

Movies would be hopelessly confusing.

Racists would have to find some other difference to hate.

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That would be like humping your granny, an interesting if not altogether appealing possibility.

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How dull! At least we wouldn’t be so obsessed with how we look though. ‘Oh she is so much prettier than me”. Nope, she looks just the same! That could only be a good thing.

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If the internal organs were the same as well surgery would become a awful lot easier

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I imagine more subtle differences would become noticeable, in the same way people in racial groups are better at differentiating among people in their own groups than outsiders are.

Unless you’re positing that our genes and brains didn’t evolve the way they did, we’d still have the innate desire to identify “them” and “us”. Maybe everyone would wear football jerseys?

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You mean like in the Balkans?

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No man could place his shaft in the same quiver twice.

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One virus would wipe out humanity.

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Consider this: to a blind person, all men (and all women) DO look the same.

So we would look for other characteristics.

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