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How to remove the .Mac preference for MacJournal?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) May 24th, 2008

Hello, I removed MacJournal but the sync-option in System Preferences doesn’t go away. How to do this?

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It’s probably a PreferencePane, which means it’s called something like MacJournal.prefpane and it will either be stored in:

Your Hard Drive > Library > PreferencePanes
Your Home Folder > Library > PreferencePanes

If you trash that, it will disappear from System Preferences view.

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Uh, haven’t you seen the screenshot? It’s obviously not a preference pane, it’s a .mac sync-preference…

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OK… so I didn’t notice you had linked to your screenshot (not particularly obviously either) in the body of your question. No need to get shirty. Perhaps in future you could append ‘Here’s a screenshot ’ to make it more obvious for those of us who aren’t blessed with your Sherlockian observational powers ; )

Do a spotlight search for com.DanSchimpf.MacJournal.JournalEntries and it should show up somewhere in one of your Library folders, as files beginning ‘com.’ tend to be preference files stored there. Again trashing this should do the trick.

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Spotlight can’t find it. Searched in all libraries.

Sorry about the screenshot. :)

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