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What genre would you assign to this story?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) March 7th, 2012

Story idea related to me by a friend.

An entertainment megacorporation (based on a real company but not based on Time-Warner-AOL-Pizza-Hut, or News Corporation) uses its tremendous financial powers to genetically engineer, time-shift to the present, and market their most profitable set of performers to date, to the delight of the fans of the company’s record label.

I’ve suggested framing it as dystopian horror, but she didn’t much like that. Perhaps she’s right, since it’s upbeat and the company only exploits its performers and a public hungry for pop-culture junk food.

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sounds like sci-fi to me

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Sci-fi. But what’s the conflict? Who’s the protagonist(s)? Who’s the antagonist(s)? While rules of fiction are meant to be broken, you usually start by building sympathy for your protagonist(s). Then you introduce a conflict that your protagonist(s) must overcome, often brought about by the antagonist (who may, or may not, be a “bad guy,” or even a person at all). Then you end the story with the protagonist overcoming the conflict. (And if you’re me, you include a kinky sex scene :-) I’m sure you’ve already thought those things through, but just wondering…

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One you use, “time-shift” I think your only options are sci fi and comedy.

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If I was writing it, I would go for the humor angle. Perhaps dark comedy.

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I’m thinking comedy, too along the lines of Galaxy Quest.

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