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Will you make a commitment to support performing arts today?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) March 7th, 2012

I’m a strong believer in the performing arts. Even so, I find myself not attending events as often as I think one should.


I’m asking if you will make a commitment to do one of the following:

—Stop and watch the next street performer you see for five minutes, and put something in the cup.

—Find a performance in your city and order tickets on line today.

—The next time someone asks you to go to a performance – any performance – say, “yes”.

—The next time you go to a play, call three people afterward and tell them you think they’d like it. (No, tweeting doesn’t count.)

So will you commit to one of these? If three of you do, I’ll do likewise. Which one?

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I’m spending a big chunk of change to see Roger Waters perform The Wall. Does that count?

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@Rarebear That’s great. I was hoping to get people to act out of this request, however.

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I already do most of these regularly. I actually keep cash on me specifically to support street performers. I don’t do the last one, though, because I usually call them in advance and ask if they’d like to come with me.

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I already do.

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I went to a play this evening. Hope that counts. It was a good one, too. A short, one-act. It was a play, a pie and a pint. You get a slice of pizza to eat and a bottle of beer to go with the play.

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I go to plays regularly, am a theater geek, used to direct a performing group, directed several plays and films, go to galleries, am in love with an art photographer’s work that I can’t afford, teach Art History as part of literature, have a BA in art and theater…

And I still feel like I don’t do enough…

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I was in a play this past weekend, portraying Dr. Martin Dysart in Peter Shaffer’s Equus. It was an intense experience.

I am going to a play this coming weekend (Marat/Sade).

I read a play today (God of Carnage) checking it out to see if it’s appropriate for the theater group I’m a part of.

And, I have more plays to read in the coming weeks. :-)

I love theater.

I try to go out of my way to put something in the hat for street performers. They make the environment so much more pleasant.

I say yes to almost all chances to attend the performing arts that I can.

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No. I will when and if I want to but to this I will not commit.

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If I’m interested and it’s a quality performance, I’m totally on board with attending, bringing people, and spreading the word. Artists don’t get my blanket support just because they’re artists. (I wouldn’t ask anyone to buy my paintings to “support” me.) If you think of art as a charity, then there are plenty of more urgent causes. If you spend money on art based on merit, because you really want to see it, then the real reason is for your own enjoyment and it’s a fair exchange.

On the other hand, I think a lot of people are missing out on great performing arts that they would really enjoy. Maybe it’s a marketing problem- we see tons of ads for movies and popular bands, but smaller acts, dance companies, or theater companies don’t really have the money to reach their audience. So if you want to see most types of performing arts, you have to seek them out.

So I’m not going to make a commitment to support performing arts, but I will continue to enjoy the arts scene in my city. There is a difference!

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The Pantages’ first show this coming season is The Book of Mormon.

I’m buying season tickets just to make sure i even have a remote shot of seeing it. D:

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