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Have you ever been at a wedding where someone stood up and protested the marriage? What came of it?

Asked by Esedess (3439points) March 7th, 2012

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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Yes. The protestor thought he was being funny. There were a few “Dude, are you sure?‘s”, then he withdrew the objection, and the wedding completed.
The objector was one of those people who are constantly craving attention.
The brides family was furious. The bride wanted the objecting guest to be tossed from the reception. The groom understood the joke, but leaned to his new wife.
Humor is not easy, people. Leave it to trained professionals.

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Yes, total soap opera madness. I went to the wedding of a friend (not close) and her ex boyfriend showed up drunk and “crashed” the wedding. It wasn’t when the priest asked, but he sure protested. We were horrified, but the priest talked to him quietly for a minute in the “vestibule” and he slunk away. I hear they still aren’t laughing about it years later.

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Yes, as a joke.

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I have always been curious as to what the protocol would be if someone actually did object during a wedding. Would the wedding not take place then?

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Not really, but I was at a church wedding once where someone had written “SAVE ME” (in white paint) on the bottom of the groom’s shoes. When he and the bride kneeled at the alter (backs to the crowd) – everyone burst out laughing.

The bride was not amused.

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No. I always thought that only happened in movies. The closest thing I’ve seen to it in real life is when I was at a wedding reception and the groomsmen had written “Help me!” in shaving cream on the groom’s car.

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Unfortunately, no. I would love to see it happen thought. Actually, for most weddings, I would love to see just about anything interesting happen. I went to so many weddings in my late 20’s that I can barely distinguish one from the others. I always tell brides not to worry about tripping, or falling, or their other “worst nightmares”. I tell them to wish for it, because then people would remember their wedding.

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No. I’ve always managed to restrain myself.

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@cprevite I saw that at a wedding too, the groom didn’t know. And two childhood friends of the groom paid off the altar boys to go home, and they came out with the priest. It was too late for the priest to do anything.

The kicker was when a stray dog came down the aisle of the same wedding. Fortunately the bride had a good sense of humor, it was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been too.

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@zenvelo: Ha. Wedding went to the dogs.

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@cprevite My Bro-I-L did that at his wedding! My sister was FURIOUS!!

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@Dutchrss_III: Yeah, I always figured that’s a bad way to start off your marriage.

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I, personally, would have found it humorous. I wouldn’t have been angry.
They’ve been married 35 years, BTW.

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