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What is some good music to get stoned to?

Asked by likipie (1454points) March 8th, 2012

Hypothetically speaking, of course. Ok not hypothetically, it’s a genuine question. I’ve got the obvious (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Beatles, The Red Hot Chili Peppers) but I need some new variety. I don’t like rap/hip hop/whatever, I’m more into classic rock kinda stuff.

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This one is ideal.

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XD I can’t understand it but I like it!

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The song itself is about drugs.

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I see, that would make sense then

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This one should fit, too. It is not about drugs, though.

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My favorite pot music is actually more in the jazz/big band/swing area. Which might be because I love that genre of music, anyway… But, try a Pandora station that has Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Etta James. I love 12th Street Rag. All of them.

I know it’s older stuff, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. My sister and her friends are normally more Bob Marley fans, but I put on my Jazz station and suddenly everyone was commenting on how crazy good the music was that night. Jazz is the “original” pot music.

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@ragingloli It doesn’t have to be about drugs, all I care about is vibes.

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What….the barbaric act of tortute still practised in some parts of the arabic world?
It would have to be rock music, obviously.

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@ucme That’s so bad, I’m genuinely torn between looking disdainfully in your direction, and giving you the slow clap of deep approval.

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@ucme and @Aethelflaed I like jazz but I have to agree with @ucme, it’s rock.

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That’s the best one yet!! I’m officially in love with this song!

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How about stuff by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Or the Rolling Stones?

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I like the Rolling Stones. I’ve never heard any of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ music, but my history teacher told me they’re really good.

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Your history teacher has good taste.

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Yes he does.

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My music teacher said Die Ärzte are, quote, “brilliant musicians”.
And she knows her stuff.

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@Aethelflaed You’re not allowed to speak until I blow this whistle, mmmkay!

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Ahhhh Monty Python is absolutely brilliant. That’s all I have to say about that.

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@likipie Nuff said ;¬}

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Rainbow Chaser by Nirvana maybe?

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Anything from the Doors works for me. Even without intoxicating drugs.

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A Bay Area Tradition: 5pm on Friday a local station plays I Smoke Two Joints

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I can’t believe Pink Floyd hasn’t come up yet.

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Black Moth Super Rainbow

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@Ron_C I FREAKIN LOVE THE DOORS totally not kidding. They’re my favorite band of all time. Always have been and always will be.

@Adirondackwannabe I said Pink Floyd in the description. I think for anyone who knows what they’re talking about, it’s a given.

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@likipie Sorry, momentary flashback at the question. Didn’t check the details close enough. Spyro gyra might be interesting.

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@likipie Peace out brother.

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I think Jamie Woon is pretty good if you like stuff that’s not mainstream.

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The Doors, or lounge/chill-out music music.

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Getting stoned and listening to classic rock is so fun. Hypothetically. >.>

White Room by Cream
On The Beach by Neil Young
And it Stoned me by Van Morrison

Not trying to be punny there by the last one. It’s just a great song. You should also check out downtempo electronic music! Broken Bells is a great place to start, Boards of Canada is also great and DJ Krush is a classic.

Or, you know, just make a pandora station.

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I ‘ve got some Santana playing right now. That might be good. Evil Ways, live.

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Sublime, Beatles, Radiohead, Phish, the Dead, Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys (other than License to Ill). You can listen to almost anything when high. I am getting a little tired of classic rock though.

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I used to listen to Cactus “Restrictions” and, it’s not music but I also enjoyed an album (is this dating me) called “A Childs Garden of Grass” and anything by Firesign Theater.
One note of caution, the Garden of Grass is much, much funnier stoned than straight.

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The Grateful Dead always seemed to be playing when I was in school lo those many years ago. +1 on the Childs Garden of Grass! Oh yeah! and The Girl from Ipanema is pretty good when stoned.

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Icarus, by the Winter Consort used to be my favorite record for that kind of thing, back in college, nearly 40 years ago.

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Blue Oyster Cult

T. Rex


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jazz and the grateful dead

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Blue Oyster Cult.

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Beach House apparently.

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Shpongle. So much Shpongle.

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GQ, my friend.
For chill songs, I highly recommend Neil Young. This one’s one of my favorites for occasions such as this. Y’know what? Just check out everything by Neil Young, he’s just an absolute delight, sober or not.

You seem to have your classic rock stuff covered, which is awesome. For some modern music that might be more your speed, I highly recommend MGMT and Foster the People.

I’m not much a fan of hip-hop either. That being said, I still recommend branching out a bit and giving Kid Cudi a listen, he’s not like most rap you hear these days. Happy toking!

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The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses, and yes you have to listen to the whole album, and not the US release where they stuck Elephant Stone in the middle and Fools Gold at the end. It totally ruined the whole feeling of the album.

Original UK release track list

1. I Wanna Be Adored
2. She Bangs the Drums
3. Waterfall
4. Don’t Stop
5. Bye Bye Badman
6. Elizabeth My Dear
7. Sugar Spun Sister
8. Made of Stone
9. Shoot You Down
10. This Is the One
11. I Am the Resurrection

If you like electronic music you might like this Winter Is Coming by RareDenver

The ultimate electronic chill out trip Chill Out by The KLF

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I doubt you like to get stoned listening to the same music I do. My personal favorites are disco, old Italian tunes, and funky up beat 80s music like Hall and Oates or Prince. But, if you’re high and you wanna laugh your ass off, watch the music video for “Meeting in the Ladies Room” by Klymaxx. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

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Yes- Tales from Topographic Oceans

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Haleh On the Beach, good one, it really grows on you
Try the group Citay Little Kingdom
If you like lounge, Morcheeba is good.
Maybe, Andrew Bird for something a little different
Drum Circle is good too
Blind Pilot (it’s a group. They are playing at Newport Folk Festival this year, but I wouldn“t not call them a folk group)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
The Grateful Dead

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@Adirondackwannabe It’s all good!

@Ron_C I’m a girl but thanks anyway!!

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@likipie you know, I checked your profile before I sent that (I didn’t want to make a mistake) but you didn’t say much about yourself. So Peace sister!

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@Earthgirl Oh man, Morcheeba is fantastic. “Trigger Hippie” and “The Sea” are such great chill songs.

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@Ron_C Well maybe I’ll have to go change my profile information then :D

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I don’t know since there are too many to list here. Any type of trance style dance/dj/low frequency music is usually good.

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Dream Theater!

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