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How do you deal with a breakup?

Asked by nikipedia (27922points) May 24th, 2008

….is drinking an option?

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Sorry niki.

Call up a friend who’ll listen.

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I usually go with drinking. But that is also how I deal with waking up in the morning. I wouldn’t listen to me.

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Take some time out to wallow. Probably not drinking though because you might be tempted in your silly state of mind to ring your ex and embarrass yourself. Don’t bottle it up and carry it around for ages, just take the time to be sad, have a cry, then clean yourself up, get a haircut or a makeover or buy yourself a treat and try not to let it bother you anymore.

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While tempting, drinking is never the answer to any of life’s dilemmas. It is a depressant, which sure isn’t going to make you feel better. If you are trying to forget, you will remember it all again when you eventually sober up, you still be broken up, and you’ll have a heck of a hangover to boot.

Try both kevbo’s and shrubbery’s suggestions, which are great.

Got your mind off yourself. Go to the zoo and imagine your ex as various unsavory animals. Look at the children and their joy in the simple things. Think about life for Iraqi citizens from day to day. Perspective is a great thing.

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go get a new haircut. go on a cruise. go out dancing with the girls.

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I thnk the best way to deal with break-ups or anything disturbing, is face it fully—no hiding in alcohol or drugs or anything. It hurts, but then you can get over it. Hiding just makes it last longer, and harder to get over.

Also, I love the phrase: ” Living well is the best revenge.” (It was about death—but works for just about all situations.)

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I like the “living well is the best revenge!”-thing.
i took me four years to get over my first girl friend. i had so much pitty for myself, that it felt almost heroic to suffer…. bad move! never going to handle these situations like that anymore…

so: dont pitty yourself, remind yourself of how long life is, that every good and also every bad thing changes life for the good or the bad – however you deal with it. think of people who hav greater problems, but accept, that your problem has to hurt… if it wouldn’t, you’d be even more poor, cause there’s no more important thing in life than to love somebody. even if it hurts.

and most important: look in the mirror and imagine yourself in a year. without fear but realistic.

man, in reality there is no answere, right?

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R.E.M. – Living well is the best revenge

This is a pretty good song! As for the break-up, Sorry! Best of luck! Don’t drink in a time like this! Go hang out with some friends!

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Drink and have fun.
Remember, its only a guy.
They’re plenty out there.
And if not, turn into a lesbian.
Go exercise and pamper yourself.
Make him regret leaving you.

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@niki, Your suggestion to a question a week ago was to remember that these are “first world problems.” I now have a sign on my desk reminding me of that. Thank you so much. I humbly pass that reminder back to you – this is a first world problem.

I know I got through my worst break-up, even though it took a little while. I trust you will too.

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spend it with good positive real people who truly care for you and do something fun.

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Play lots of Blues music, find a sympathetic ear,eat lots of ice cream.
I’m sorry! “Love stinks,Yeah,Yeah…”

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It’s natural to feel bummed after a break-up. Especially if it wasn’t a mutual decision (or your decision at all). Drinking isn’t really going to help. It’s self-medicating. It might help ease the symptoms – but it’s not going to cure the underlying problem.

It’s just going to take some time. Unfortunately there’s no way to hightail it through the grieving process. It’s part of the process of life and it’s something we all have to deal with at one time or another.

The best way to deal is to start moving on with your life. You can’t undo what’s been done and there’s no magic time machine to zip you into the past (or the future). The sooner you start moving on the better you’ll be faster.

Every minute that you spend wallowing in grief of the lost relationship is a minute you’ll never have to experience the finer parts of the life .

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….is drinking an option? Yes…. But for the right reasons….

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Noyhings better after a breakup than beating up a clown! Damn clowns…

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Urgh i don’t know…im a complete mess myself.

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