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Would you give 10 years of your life to visit another galaxy?

Asked by flutherother (26903points) March 8th, 2012

An advanced race from another galaxy has offered to show their home planet to people from Earth. Travel is instantaneous and you will spend ten Earth days sightseeing and learning about an advanced culture. The only catch is that you will age ten years on your return to Earth. Are you going to volunteer?

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Count me out. I’ve barely begun to explore this one. I’ll be needing those ten years.

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Can I give up my forties?

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Hell yeah, nothing else that exciting would happen in my life anyway.

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Can I bring technology back with me?

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Duh. What’s your next question? “Would you like a million dollars?” Lol.

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I don’t think I could. When I think back on how much I’ve done and learned in the past ten years, I can’t imagine what it’d be like to lose that much time just to see some place new.

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I spent a weekend in Aberdeen once, that felt like a decade trapped in the granite city.
So my answer is no then.

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No, I do not have that many left.

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No. Would be nice to see but not worth the cost of missing 10 years of this life with people I love. Plus, imagine the email/work backlog I would have to get through when I got back!

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I might, as long as my husband can come too. What would stop me would be if I feared I could die in the process somehow. If the transport seemed risky.

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Nah. I need to get a handle on this baby first :/

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Good grief no. That’s likely around a third of the time I’ve got left before I’m either dead or too crippled to do anything but sit in a nursing home. Far too much.

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No. There are still so many places on earth I want to visit.

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Bearing in mind that Chihuahua life expectancy is 15–20 years, hell no!, I love my human mum and dad too much.

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In a heartbeat.

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What if it were light speed travel? Time passes more slowly for the traveler. So everyone on earth would age relative to you- you’d be gone for ten of your days but ten years or whatever would pass on earth. Right?

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I would go. Maybe stay if I got the chance.

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That’s such a bum deal! Paying ten years for ten days. That’s no more than a passing glance; you can’t see an entire planet in ten days, or even ten years, for that matter. I’d rather use those ten years seeing the splendor of my own goddamn planet, the one I know, and love.

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Absolutely. I spend so much time pondering whats out there in the stars, I might as well trade that to experience it myself.

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Question still stands, can I bring stuff back with me?

And, will I be immune to alien STDs? Freaky alien sex would have to happen.

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