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Is bleach the best way to clean a porcelain sink?

Asked by andrew (16380points) June 27th, 2007

I seem to remember something about bleach ruining the finish of sink (was that from Palahniuk's Survivor?) and making the sink more porous and more easily stained. Is that true?

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i avoid bleach... but that's mostly because i don't like using something so toxic unless necessary. i advise using any sort of mild kitchen cleaner and a soft sponge for general cleaning, and something like CLR for persistent stains.

in my house, we have successfully removed very intense stains with s.o.s., ordinary bleach, comet (though you must never mix bleach and comet! deadly poisonous gas can ensue. no kidding), and CLR.


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bleach is fab, and you might want to try soft scrub.

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hey andrew, if it's germs you're looking to kill, this might not be right for you, but, i use a non-toxic cleanser called 'bon ami' it's made by Earth Share. it: CONTAINS NO PHOSPHORUS. is BIODEGRADABLE. and CONTAINS CALCIUM CARBONATE. no mention of other ingredients, but it cleans like a mo fo. oh, --am i allowed to say that on this site? it was a total steal at $2.99.

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baking soda and lemon juice--non-toxic with a pretty good scrub. I think you can use rock salt to scrub as well.

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Baking soda and vinegar (easier than squeezing all those lemons. Altho you can cut a lemon wedge, dip it in baking soda and use as a scruffy. Remember HS chem? Whoosh!)

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I'm a BIG fan of Bar Keeper's Friend. It's all I'll use on my porcelain kitchen sink. It keeps it white and sparkly without the bleach.

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I'm not opposed to using bleach, I was just wondering if it ruined the finish.

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No, it does not ruin the finish.

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ajax powder it remove everything including black marks

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Pumice rock is superb for cleaning anything porcelain. Makes it look like new.

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