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Suggestions for healthy, non perishable food for a long flight.

Asked by Seesul (2960points) May 24th, 2008

Nothing too sweet or salty, but is easy to carry on a direct (makes stops, but can’t get off) looong flight. I also don’t want to offend fellow passengers with obnoxious smelling food. Obviously no liquids either.

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Non-perishable food?? Is your flight a 2 months flight???

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Trail mix and granola.
Also, baby carrots do fine out of the fridge for 24 hours or so. Same with apples.
I love Clif bars.

Enjoy your flight! Where are you going?

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Wasa crackers
Akmak crackers
Dried fruits

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Slices of ham or turkey and cheese will last for 3–4 hours. Hard-boiled eggs (might offend fellow passengers). I like raw cabbage, celery sticks, carrot sticks.

If you don’t want salty nuts, walnuts or pecans are very good raw without salt. They can be eaten at the six or seven hour mark.

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Kashi makes really good protein bars that have a good amount of calories and fiber. I think they’re called GoLean Chewy bars and they sell them at Target and most food stores.

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@2late2be: Perishable
Something liable to perish, decay, or spoil rapidly. Rapidly is less than 2 mos. Refer to Marina’s answer about turkey and cheese. Add mayo and you have a bigger problem. Thanks to the rest of you for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

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Where ya going?

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You could go with what I usually bring to concerts: Cereal bars and pepperami’s. It’s basic, but will do the trick.
(also might not be the healthiest option, but again, simple and it works)

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My choice – small jar of peanut butter & bread sticks

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pasta salad is good because you can eat it cold, and it’s more filling than granola or fruit – there’s no liquid so you can bring it on the plane. I also like to bring a bagel or baguette, and some cheese to make a sandwich. Those energy bars (Clif bars, Luna bars) will do in a pinch, but they’re not particularly filling if you’re taking a really long flight. If you want to make a good and easy pasta salad, make some tortellini, mix in some pesto, take a box of cherry tomatoes and cut each tomato in half or quarters, mix the tomatoes, pesto, and tortellini together and refrigerate till it’s cold. This is my new favorite recipe for summer potlucks and bbqs – always a crowd pleaser, and really easy.

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Beef Jerkey
Dried Fruit

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dried or dehydrated fruits
granola bars

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Protein shakes, take the powder mix and shaker and shake at your own convenience!!

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