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Philosophy Corner: "DESIRE". What is there to philosophize about this "sense of longing for a person or object or hoping for an outcome"?

Asked by rebbel (31353points) March 9th, 2012

I read an contemplative piece today on the (longing for a) cigarette.
In short the author stated that: we (the smoking people) long for one, then we light one, and after a few puffs the craving is satisfied, after which we soon long for another one and another one, and another.
Apparently philosophers have written lots of words on desire in the past centuries.
It got me thinking on how this thing works; the longing for, the getting it, and the satisfaction.
What are your ideas, your thoughts, on Desire?

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As throughout my life: love—feeling completely and intensely known and accepted and desired. I want to make my love truly happy. I want us to feel delirious together. Joy for being in each other’s company.

But I don’t expect it. It never happens when you are looking for it. It only happens when it wants to happen and there’s nothing I can do to make it happen. It is a gift when it happens, to be cherished.

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I desire the chance to run my fingers through the unruly hair of a certain Dutch pirate.

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@marinelife Abraham Blauvelt? I have some bad news….......

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Desire can be such a delicious feeling. Like a little flame inside you, to be nurtured into a full-on fire.

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I like feeling slightly hungry. It makes me feel alive.

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I think desire occupies that space between want and need; two concepts I am constantly being accused of confusing.

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I read a little on a form of “PEAKING”. This is when you learn or hear of (an Idea or an experience) that is “life changing”. I seek this form of living as a result of my mental health issues. The Desire to LIVE to the fullest is a little maniacal

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