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How do I get the best video quality from a Rebel T2i?

Asked by Esedess (3459points) March 9th, 2012

My old roommate had a Rebel 2Ti, and the video quality was AMAZING. However, now that I’m working with another guy who has the same camera, but less knowledge on how to use it, I’m finding the quality to be somewhat mediocre.

What settings do I need to mess with and have in place to get great video quality like I’m used to with this camera? Specifically, running the camera at 720p with 60fps looks like crap, and it shouldn’t. Moreover, I was under the impression that you could do 60fps with 1080p as well, but it seems I may have been misinformed.

Lastly, what settings should I use to get the best slow motion possible in editing?

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You have to adjust it like you were taking photograph (lighting and etc). Also, it’s mostly only really good for close up stuff or things that are far away and large. 1080 with 60fps isn’t the case with that camera. You can mix it up. For slow motion you need the most FPS.

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