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What is climate in these parts of the US like?

Asked by shimba (49points) March 9th, 2012

Someone I know will be going to study at one of the following universities.

Virginia Polytechnic and State University (at Blacksburg, Virginia)
Texas A & M University (at College Station, Texas)
North Carolina State University (at Raleigh, North Carolina)
University of Arkansas (at Fayetteville, Arkansas)
State University of New York (at Buffalo, New York)
Oklahoma State University (at Stillwater, Oklahoma)
Kansas State University (at Manhattan, Kansas)
State University of New York (at Binghamton, New York)

I am to offer him some piece of advice. So, I decided to tap Fluther. I would like you to cast some light on following points.

What is climate in these parts like? which one do you think is better? and why?
I guess, New York is dreadfully cold, especially Buffalo.
Do you know anything about these universities? and their Grad schools? how would you rate the above universities?
I hold a good opinion about North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech. Kansas also seems good by what they have put up on their website, and looking at their photos. What is your opinion?
He likes more of peaceful life, so I think, he should be well if he lands at town rather than city.
And, you may comment on life at these places, employment opportunities after he graduates, and anything else you may like to add.
Thanks in advance.

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