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Who should win the Eurovision?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone
Which is your favorite to win and why? I’m quite taken with the Bosnia-Herzogovina entry….

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This brings up an interesting point.. it’s a shame that in America, we’re so largely in the dark about Eurovision. I’ve been thinking about it because I’ve been geeking out on ABBA (who were essentially born from Eurovision) for the last 48hours.

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Check the link in my Q. There’s a good few…..interesting….ones in it this year. Pirates and all!

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Dustin. Sob Sob…
Sorry. I need a moment…Sob.

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The mere fact that he’s a turkey really should have been a hint…..

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I know but what’s going to happen to poor dustin now. Will he make it through Christmas after his failure. Btw, what the hell was going on with France?

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We sent enough turkeys in the past, it was worth giving Dustin the chance

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Ukraine was best I reckon. Come on johnny and wildflower. Pick your winner.

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I like Iceland. Clearly their idea was: how many cliches can you cram in to 3 minutes. But Finland had a Dio quality to it…

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When I said Ukraine I obviously meant Greece.

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When I said Iceland I obviously meant Russia….can’t beat an iceskater in a song contest!

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i see what you did there though, iceskater, iceland. Totally understandable.

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My God. You have no idea how drunk my wife is right now!! Eurovision does bad things to her :)

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lol….I’m sure you mind so terribly!

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