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Are you an 'Exorcist' fan and have you seen either of the prequels?

Asked by Rheto_Ric (1177points) March 10th, 2012

Should I watch Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist, directed by Paul Schrader, or Exorcist: The Beginning, directed by Renny Harlin? It’s practically the same film, right?? The second was made from the first. But, from the directors involved, very different films I’m sure!

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Just stick with The Exorcist. The rest are poor attempts to pad the story.

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Between the two you list my opinion would be Dominion.
However, those are no comparision to the original movie The Exorcist

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I saw The Exorist in 1972…I still have night mares.

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Why do you need to have one or the other? Watch both and decide for yourself.

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I saw the original exorcist and never understood why it was so scary to some people. I thought it was a vore.

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I’ve seen both and liked the one made by Renny Harlin. More commercial in appeal-? But yeah, watch it both.

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Saw the original when it came out in ‘73. Had nightmares and kept the closet light on for weeks. I was too young to see that movie, never bothered with the others.

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@partyrock It was scary when it was first made, but because of all the new-fangled special effects, it’s very tame and almost laughable now. People screamed and fainted when it was new in the 70’s though.

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I think The Exorcist is quite good, and I can’t stand the prequels.

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I saw this film a few months ago for the first time, and it just bored me. The effects are laughably dated, and the subject matter is danced around just enough to focus on the gore aspect, and less on the religious aspect, so the weight of the issue is never felt. I’ve never seen any of the other films though, I am a fan of Paul Schrader, so I can’t give any insight there, but I have read the book, which is much better, and incredibly frightening. However, in regards to the original film, I saw it nearly forty years after its release and after having read the book, both of which put me in the prime position to not be at all affected by it.

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I have watched them all, but the original Exorcist is the best. Watch them both and judge for yourself.

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The original was good because it was the first of it’s kind. You can’t determine by those who had not witnessed it at it’s premier just as you can’t understand why people went out of their way to watch silent movies. In my opinion the first exorcist was the best in it’s time.. That you would agree today is relative as even I would recognize flaws in it I’m really not into these esoteric flicks (vampires, satanism, living dead) but as entertainment, today’s special effects outshines the past as I’m certain if the movie business endures that what your heirs will view in generations to come will define what you see now as mundane and comedic.

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