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Does your hometown seem to be smaller?(see inside).

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) March 10th, 2012

I have gone on vacations for two or three weeks and when I returned, my city seems to be smaller than when I left. The street lights seem to be duller and it appears to be somewhere entirely different.
Question: has this happened to you? Have you gone to college or on a vacation to return to your town and it now appears smaller? Why is this?

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Yes. What happened is that you stepped though a wormhole into a parallel dimension only one or two quanta from your home dimension. This, things are just barely imperceptibly different.

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Was your vacation a cruise? Everyone I know puts on weight on a cruise, so, yeah, your home town would seem smaller. So will the booths at that hamburger place.

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Yes. My home town where I grew up is much smaller when I go back to visit.

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EVERYTHING is smaller than it was when we were little, @JLeslie. Gosh, the Christmas trees just towered and you could swim in the bathtub.

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There are very few places in the world that make my home town (Philadelphia) seem smaller. New York is one of them.

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When I come back to the US after my trips to the dark areas of the world where we do business (dark in the sense of “dirty”, “dingy”, “dull”, “lacking enough electricity” and the like) then I revel in bright lights (I so miss 100W lights in India and Indonesia), orderly traffic, drinkable water, breathable air – and salads with raw vegetables.

I’ll try to notice if the town seems smaller; all I know for now is that it is orders of magnitude “better”, and I appreciate the hell out of it.

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No, my childhood home town is a major city in the UK and it didn’t seem small when I went back.

My present home town is just growing and growing. I drive through areas that were once bush on the way back from the city and now they are huge housing estates. I hate that. That’s progress for you though.

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On the contrary, my home town has grown so that it joined two other nearby towns and is bigger than every. The house I remember is now parking lot for the local university, which was only a college when I was there.

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My home town doesn’t seem smaller; it seem empty. You see, it is a victim of policies started by Reagan and continued by subsequent presidents that removed tariffs and promoted “free trade”. The steel mill jobs were all transferred to China and India.

The effect was that more than half of the houses were empty, vast mills were idle and the remaining population eked out livings with menial jobs and possibly selling a few drugs. I suspect this situation is seen across this country.

We need a government that respects manufacturers, unions, and fair trade policy to insure this never happens again.

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It’s a perspective of the looker.. When you were a kid a kitchen cabinet (which held the cookie jar) was at least ten stories high and the commode, a mysterious endless black hole but as you grew, they shrunk.. Similar is the town perspective, especially small towns as when you travel it’s hardly every to small or smaller townships but large cities then when you return.. Well you get the point.

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