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What's the meaning behind the KL5 phone number?

Asked by AshlynM (10677points) March 10th, 2012

Is this a real thing or just something only found in tv shows? I know in Seinfeld Elaine sprouts off Jerry’s phone number and it begins wit KL5.

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KLondike 5 KL5 is fictious and only for TV (555—####).
(For some reason the link won’t work for wiki…if you look up 555 or KLondike 5 you can read the article)

Phone numbers use to include a location.

Example: A local number here might have been “GLenview 3 – ####

It was a way to remember the number and told what locale you lived in.

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In my area we had 29 for Ax of Axminster. Today we would say 297-xxxx and in my grandparent’s day, they would say the number was Axminster 7-xxxx. We also had Amherst (26), The words were called “Telephone Exchanges” and there is an interesting list of telephone exchange names here

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(Do you mean “spout” rather than “sprout”?)

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@gailcalled oops, thanks for the correction.

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Klonkike 5 or KLamath5, was used in older television shows; In the fifties and sixties.
Because the telephone exchanges used letters and numbers.

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555—#### is a universal number for Information (what is now called Directory Assistance). So 555 is the only prefix for entertainment.

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KL5 is the same prefix numbers in all movie and TV shows (555) which is an unused sequence.. They’re using KL as a throw off.

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