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What would it be like to be you?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I think this is kind of self explanatory(sp)

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Have you ever walked in cement boots? That would describe it.

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Not the glamorous whirlwind one might imagine.

You would love music, books, dogs. You would enjoy time with friends, traveling anywhere, road trips, and being in nature. Short walks outside in the neighborhood all the way to hiking and camping. You’d sing when you were alone, and crank up the oldies to do housework.

You’d love the leisurely pace of Sunday morning with your husband, brunch, word puzzles, the comics, and a nice news wallow.

You’d get great joy from watching the dogs run and play or use their amazing sniffometers.

Cars would just be things to get you somewhere.

Wow, there is too much to write!

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It’s challenging to be right all the time. And All-Knowing. Don’t forget the All-Knowing.

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People refer to you as happy go lucky. You enjoy being silly. You would be Siamese cat crazy! You have four. You even have a Siamese cat tattoo! You would love animals and run a pet sitting business, so that you can get paid to play with other peoples pets without bringing them home.. You love technology & gadgets. You spend loads of time goofing around on your laptop & iPhone on your favorite website, Fluther!! Coffee is high on your list & you also have a Smart Water addiction. You love to read, especially while taking a bubble bath. You love to hold hands and laugh with your husband. You love muscle cars, tattoos, art, music.

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You’d be in a lot of pain, and on a lot of pills and would have to constantly re-evaluate to make sure that its worth it. But you’d be smart, and loved and capable of doing absolutely anything (that isn’t sport-related) and making absolutely anything. You’d like to collect things that make you smile and help take your mind off of your responsibilities as a human for a few minutes. You’d give too many hugs and love everyone around you to the point of irrationality.

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it would be something like being in a straightjacket then busting free and bouncing around like daffy duck going whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo!

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Wake up at 11:00 am (yes, I’m lucky) work all day, save a little time to spend with my son on guitar hero, and get home at 4:00am and finally get to sleep by 5. Oh, and you’d have bags under your eyes until you decide to take the sleeping pills and have your wife call in for you ‘sick’.

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You would feel blessed with your life. You married your best friend. He may not always be perfect, but he is a hard worker, great companion, great lover and best friend. He lives his life to make you happy. You have a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter who amazes you every day. You have the cutest and smartest dog in the world..period! You have gotten to travel alot, enjoy collecting cookbooks and cooking special dinners for your family. You sometimes feel spoiled that your life is so good. You feel undeserving of your blessings often. You strive to be a better you every day. You try to not judge anyone and be accepting of other’s beliefs while hoping that they accept yours or at least try to understand them. Family is everything to you. You thank God everyday for the life you have. Growing up in the family that you had and the life that you knew as a child, you never dreamed life could be this good. Yeah for you! You also try to help others out who don’t have it as good as you do every chance you can. It’s pretty great to be you!

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You would be very short, that’s probably what you would notice first.

You would have lots of knowledge about the social sciences and psychology in particular, and you would find that it can make people uncomfortable, but also that it’s impossible to keep a passion inside of you all the time, which is what it is.

You would be very, very busy with two jobs and more-than-full-time school, but you would feel very content at the end of the day lying down next to the person you’re lying down with, and knowing that you both are working so hard to create a life together.

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My wife called in a few hours ago….
It’s for Fluther =)

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You’d be addicted to fluther… oh, wait…

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You must have an extremely strong back and/or Very Chafed feet!!

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busy but fun. Great because you would get to help so many people.

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Baffling! I’ve been at it for 32 years and am still confused!

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Fun sometimes, boring sometimes?

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Full of unnecessary anxiety, with random spurts of having fun. A booked schedule, and a repeditive schedule. Over all its really not all that bad being me.

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You would feel very fortunate :)

You will have had to overcome many difficult situations from a very early age to find yourself at a point in life where you have a career you love, and employer you are happy with, earning enough to live a modest but comfortable lifestyle. You would be proud that the child you have raised alone is a decent student, hard worker, and a good boyfriend at just 17.

You would feel happy that you have worked so hard to beat chronic depression and low self esteem, and that you can finally say you love yourself. And you would feel truly blessed that you have just started a relationship with a wonderful man who has also been through a lot, and with whom you share so much, and who is equally dedicated as you are to putting in the effort to work at communicating and doing all you both can to make this relationship last the rest of your lives.

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A lot of contemplating my existence… and then informing people that I am doing so. You know, that “I think, therefore I am” nonsense.

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When the weather is horrible, you would spend as much time as possible reading. When the weather is good you would spend as much time as possible outdoors. You would
always regret having inherited thin hair, the one thing that kept you from being pretty much identical with Angelina Jolie.

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You would go out a lot with your friends. During the school year, on most weekends you’re hardly home at all. During the summer, you’re hardly ever home at all. You’d attend UC Davis. You’d be lucky enough to travel the world. You’d laugh most of the day. Anddddddd…. etc.

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You would be freaking out about the new drug therapy your neurologist has recommended and wondering if you will die of a rare brain infection in the next few weeks because of it.

You so don’t want to be me right now!

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R you up for the challenge lol

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just think about walking on water, yeah its like that

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Always!!! What would life be without it’s little challenges? Extremely boring i’d say!

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You’re right!

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… shopping stuff all the time, driving all the time, drinking martinis all the time, drinking coffee all the tima, reading a lot, working like thre is no tomorrow, smoking while reading and drinking coffee… is not as fun as it sounds, trust me :)

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always wondered what it’d be like to go shopping and boozing while at work…

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You know something, is fun, I’ve scaped work a couple of times, to hit my fav restaurant, have a buch of camparis in the afternoon, specially the sunny afternoons, get a book and just sit, you know, staring at the sun from time to time, it makes you appreciate that life is wonderful…

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Should I really answer this?

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your libido would be off the hook!

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Ummm…ok…that was pretty weird

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What is pretty weird?

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you’d be doing the happy dance cuz you didn’t get a rare brain infection that kills you from the new drug therapy your on. And you would be celebrating that the new medicine didn’t make you sick other then a three day raging headache!! Further, you’d be thankful for all your family & friends that rallied around you for your first infusion to help quell the panick of a near death experience!! Whoo hoo!! I’m back & feeling better again!!!

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@lunaFemme – thats some intense stuff there. Glad you are back and better.

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You would feel a lot of potential and you would have hope that one day the world will right itself…somehow. You would feel like part of something magical, and not understand how it all works. You would recognize your responsibilities and mostly satisfy them. You would go to bed and sleep good at night, even when you sleep alone for more than half the year (I <3 Iraq!). You would get insanely impatient with stupid first…until you realize that you too at times are stupid, then you decide to laugh instead. You would be able to easily relate to children because children see things simply and honestly. You would get very, very silly after 10pm even to the point of goofy laughing for no good reason. You would realize there is a balance to life, and it just makes sense so you would try to find it in yourself and amplify it somehow. You would try to love and love and love and realize the impact is small but it is still an impact. wow, that is heavy. Am I taking this question too seriously?

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No, noraasnave, you are not…

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You would feel scared, but hopeful, of what the world has to offer. At the same time, you would feel an incredible indifference to your possibilities. You would feel complete ambivalence about life, but ready to try anything that came your way, at least once. You would be shy, but worth pursuing, and used to spending the majority of your time inside your own head. You will have loved and lost, and been angry at both your fear and hope for the world, and confused as to which caused such a loss. You would feel insecure in your own skin, but also completely sure of your intelligence, strength, and independence. You would be pretty, but feel ugly most of the time, and spend far too much time and energy pursuing some goal of self perfection or self-perception that may have been there all the while. You would be searching for something, but have plenty of time to find it.

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You would wish you had friends.

noraasnave's avatar sounds like some people don’t understand their worth.

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my mother wishes i wasnt born and has tried to kill me ( she got scared when i was looking at her with a straight face while she was choking me and let go). My father wanted to send me to military school and be done with me. My brother treats me like his own personal bitch here at college. i have crazy ex girlfriends that all hate eachother and cry every time they see eachother because they feel like i left them for the other one. i have very few friends who really arnt that great. i have anger problems out the ass ( my hands are pretty much permanently fractured because of how often i punch things until i cant move my hands). I have no idea where i belong, and i have close to no desire to even live, but i do it just to spite god and my parents.

i know i sound like one of those emo teen pansies and yall prolly wont even believe this

but based on what i said, what do you think it would be like? Because im thinking its pretty close to hell ( if i were addicted to drugs or something like that then i would say it were hell, but i know there is still more that can go wrong)

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you’d be tattooed and very liberal. your tooth would hurt right now. you’d have one 18 yr old daughter that just started college in another city that you worry about all the time, you’d spend an insane day in a small office dealing with psycho patients and people who would rather not work because it will reduce their food stamps, you’d go home early to a house filled with horror art and life size zombies, and deal with 5 dogs and all trying to be the top dog, you’d laugh at them all and play for awhile, eat dinner while watching your fave tv shows and go to bed early. forgot to add…you’d text or call your daughter, the nurses that work for you, your psychotic patients and your daughter’s gay bf (who’s going to school in your city) about 100 x’s a day. And you’d be very glad when the puppy finally falls asleep on your head.

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update 1: You would be forced to see how broken you are. You would finally start healing wounds in your heart that you have been ignoring for years.

You would finally figure out how to be happy without any serious romantic relationships. Your definition of friendship would shrink to fit only people that qualify. Your boundaries would change though it feels like an earthquake to all your families and friends.

You would find hope is there every morning when you wake up and the small pain of longing when you close your eyes alone at night.

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im a happy fella who hates his current job and enjoys photography and i miss everyday of my record store job! so to be me would be like this, wake up: have a bowl of marshmallow mateys, then decide which camera i want to take a couple of photos with and then regret filling out that application for Bearstooth and then take a shower and finally go do my 8hours at the silly “tooth”. then i get off and be happy! and sometimes i have some chocolate milk and a klondike bar, while reminiscing about my record store job to myself, and how when i move im gonna get one again! that makes it all better. oh i really like to pretend im a writer for a hit tv show and try to write really funny scripts, its not working out to well yet but i hope one day im a really cool writer for a fun sitcom and you all will be like hey i remember when i read his story thing on FLUTHER and its gonna be cool. thats what it would be like to be me!

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full of laughs, good times, friends, family and just being me! It would be really fun but I would not ever want to change it or give it up….ever!

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What would it like to be me? Well first off, my boyfriend just left me. My mother is an acholic, my father ignores me, my grandmother is agaisnt my selection of boyfriends. So really i have no family. I lived with my boyfriend and now im homeless. I’m currently with one of my friends, probably staying here for awhile. so my life sucks, and i also cry every night becasue i lost the love of my life not so hot!!!

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I have all the answers of the universe. It is hard at times to keep that information in order. And, it is sad sometimes because people hate the truth. But as the saying goes, the truth can hurt but it will set you free. Ignorance is not bliss, the problem is, people spend too much time trying to justify their ignorance. After you are enlightened with the truth, the world is a beautiful place and it all makes sense.

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i dont know if you’d enjoy it, i am strange… =)
you would have to put up with the way i think, which would be bad i guess, too much thinking about death and frailty of the human race and our hollow worthlessness etc…
Also you might have a crap time adjusting to the obsessiveness my brain would enforce, you would be scared of very irrational things, like carrots, drinking at night and pillows…
Lots of paranoia when it comes to health as well, panic attacks will probably happen over the stupidist of things (but its funny looking back, like with the tin foil and the sterlilising of cutlery after the swine flu thing =P)
(beware of the violent mind, and the self harm complexes, which im sorting, its all good…..)
but the good things are there is lots of music =D and art stuff (even though im a bit crap, ya know…) but you get to have my taste in music (maybe that’s bad?)
and the weird sense of humour is v. fun if you understand it, which you would if you were me =D

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would have many blond moments & epiphanys.

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That would depend on whether I suffer from multiple personality disorder or not. Do I? Hey! What about me, do I? And me?

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A flower growing wild.

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I’d wonder why anybody would care but….to be like me you’d be on a spiritual quest. Questioning everything you hear or read, searching for Truth. When not learning something new, you’d feel your life was mundane but a very fortunate one. You’d constantly feel gratitude for having a Fantasy childhood and be amazed at how many didn’t have one. You’d be researching the latest vitamin or herb as if it would teach you something. Hopelessly pessimistic, you feel the worst is going to happen and you’re often right. Family is important but doesn’t satisfy your desire to learn, to discover, to be surprised, to be fulfilled. These can only be accomplished by finding Truth. But fulfillment is elusive. It may be impossible to unveil. Saddened by this, you try to divert your thoughts by focusing on dogs, decorating, gardening, hobbies and self improvement all the while anticipating the Inevitable we all must face.

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You would ask yourself the question “why me?”, already knowing the answer…why not?

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Sleep. Work out. Tan. Spend money. Do a little paper work (mostly from home). Sleep some more.
Sounds great, right? Oh, and listen to an amazingly disgusting amount of rap music.

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