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What should this cake say?

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) March 11th, 2012

I’m throwing a going away/ birthday party for a friend moving away to California! What should the cake say? “Happy Birthday in California!” is all I could think of so far. I kind of wanted it to combine the moving and the birthday. Thanks for any help you can give!

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Bon Voyage
Good Luck
Congrats on the move
California Dreamin’

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California or Bust

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Icing on the cake in the form or a picture of the state of CA with a phrase
To: Happy Birthdays and New Adventures!
To: Happy Birthdays and New Beginnings!

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“This cake is a lie!”

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“Happy Birthday Trails to you!”

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“Love you. Read details on the whiteboard.”

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Quoting Jimmy Hendrix

“I say that we meet again”

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“Eat me”

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“my cream. swallow it!”

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Happy Birthday
May we come and visit?

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Go west young man/woman

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“Just the icing on the cake.”

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Happy California Dreamin!

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We’ll miss you. Show CA how it’s done. Happy Birthday

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My Birthday

I’m California Dreaming

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@ragingloli – Awww, you always beat me to the best answers :-)

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May you find happiness in the bluest state.

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