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Does recycling paper really help?

Asked by Dutchess_III (35841points) March 11th, 2012

I have been printing out our online courses for my students to take “home” as homework. I printed out all of Math 600 through Algebra I…only to realize that the answer keys printed out with them.
There are several other things that were printed that I realized wouldn’t work, and I have to do it over.
I’m just sick about all of the paper I used. Not just for ecology reasons, but also because I abhor waste.
I would reuse it in the printer, but my particular printer tends to jam really easily.
Can I rest a little easier if I recycle it?

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If they would quit making and distributing phone books, it would help the economy and the recycling effort.

Mine just gather dust, till thrown away.

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“Recycling paper is a good way to save landfills, which in turn has a positive effect on the areas surrounding the landfills. How does recycling paper help landfills? The first issue is that paper takes quite some time to break down compared to organic matter (food scraps, leaves, etc.); the high volume of paper in the modern world fills up landfills quickly, reducing the amount of space available for true garbage (waste that cannot be recycled). ”

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I think plastic is the biggest issue in landfills.

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Supposedly recycling helps. At least it makes you feel better.

I recycle paper by printing on the back side. If both sides are printed, I further recycle by burning it in my wood burning stove which turns it into BTUs or kcals.
20 pounds of paper in a reburner type stove has the same hating value as $4 worth of heating oil.
That’s recycling!

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Neither of those are an option for me, @LuckyGuy, but thanks. I’ll just take it to the local publisher for recycling.

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@john65pennington – I agree. I hate phone books. I get a gazillion phone books each year from all different phone companies, and never use any of them. What a waste!

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I keep a set of phone books in each car. They are handy for all sorts of things besides looking up a phone number or address: wiping an oil dip stick, wiping your hands, a stable surface for a car jack, hung over the bumper to act as cushion if you are pushing another car out of the snow, tinder to start a fire, in an emergency you can stuff bunched up paper into your clothes for more insulation,....
Sure, smart phones will give me an address but until they come up with an app for fire, I’m keeping phone books in my cars.
In my stove, retired, 3 pound phone books are worth $0.60 each.

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