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What are your thoughts on the following joke: People that say they don't like cats just haven't had them cooked right?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) March 11th, 2012

What makes something funny or makes you groan? That was a Foxworthy joke I heard this morning. The cat lovers are getting out their shanks to use on me, but it made me think a bit about what’s humor and what goes too far. Your thoughts?

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Not funny to me. Anything about killing something probably I won’t find funny. There might be some exceptions, but I am not thinking of any right now.

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I don’t care for Foxworthy in general, but that joke got a chuckle. I am not a cat person.

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I agree with @JLeslie completely. I don’t think jokes about death are very funny. I find them to be cheap humor, so to speak.

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That’s not even near funny. I’d call that a sick joke, but hey. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions I suppose. Some people out there I’m sure actually would find this funny.
American humour… (Rolls eyes)

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What’s so funny about that? I think it’s sad people would make such horrible jokes about killing animals. It’s not even clever.

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Ehhh, it’s just another dumb joke that I don’t really care about. I’ve never liked his sense of “humor”.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that there is any cook in the world that could figure out a cat recipe that would make me like cats. Nice try, though.

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I am a professional cat lady, and I think the joke is hilarious. People who say them don’t like chickens just haven’t had them cooked right. WTF—most people eat meat, as do most cats.

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I’m head over heels in love with cats, and that joke makes me laugh. I also joke around that I’m probably eating cat when I order Chinese food.

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@ratboy Professional cat lady? Hahaha. Didn’t know there was such a thing.

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Mitt Romney likes poor people – says they taste like chicken . Now that ‘s funny!

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I don’t really think it’s that funny, but I don’t find it particularly offensive or necessarily unfunny. I usually laugh more at puns and over exaggerated “bad” jokes.

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I’m not really a cat person, but I find that “joke” unfunny.

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I don’t find the joke offensive, but it’s kind of trite. Variations on this joke have been around forever, no?

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No thoughts. Either you appreciate that type of humor or you don’t.

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Not funny, but only because I’ve heard the same joke (or variations of it) about a million times since I was a kid. It was funny when I was ten.

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Very old & clunky gag.
Myself, I like my pussy warm & moist.

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It’s not hilarious but it made me smirk. I call jokes like these “dad jokes” because it is the type of joke that men of a certain age (ie: my dad!!!) would tell thinking he is hilarious. I’m sure I am not the only person here who has to suffer their dad’s obvious jokes!!!

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In China, this question isn’t a joke…

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