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Clothes dryer energy consumption question - which takes more energy?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22237points) March 11th, 2012

Which takes more energy?

Shorter drying cycle at a higher temperature?

Longer drying cycle at lower temp?

Assume that the clothing will not be damaged if dried on the ‘high’ setting.

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The longer cooler heat would be the most efficient.

For better drying of clothes try “super spin” on washing machine before you put it in the dryer. And make sure to clean lint screen, have a short and rigid hose ( not a flexible plastic hose) clean it out on a regular basis.

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Does it matter? Both use up obscene amounts of energy when really your problem could be solved all together by not using a dryer at all. Use a clothes line outside in the warmer, drier months and a clothing rack inside during the wet months. Problem solved :D

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@likipie: That’s a great idea, except for those times when there is a lot of laundry to be done and limited space to hang.

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@jca If it really matters to you, you make it work.

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@likipie: I have made it work, and the clothes were not spread out properly due to the lack of space, and despite my moving them around frequently, they got a moldy smell and some had to be washed again.

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