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Is your musical taste radically different from that of your parents?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) March 11th, 2012

If it is, how did you come to your taste? If not, why do you think you didn’t turn away from the music you were brought up with?

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Not radically different at all. I have a broader taste in music which includes much of what my parents loved.

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Very different. My musical tastes were shaped by the times I grew up in (I was in high school in the 80s) – what was on the radio, the arrival of music videos, and also what my big brother thought was cool. ;)

My musical tastes have also changed a lot over time, probably mainly influenced by what different friends introduced me to, and changes in what I was looking for in the music.

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I was an angry kid struggling in the streets with an appetite for heavy riffs and cheap mexican food.

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I have my parents taste more or less in music, plus more. I grew up listening to oldies but goodies, and I still enjoy listening to that music. They also liked newer music, like to dance, “anything with a good beat,” my mom used to say. Where we differ is I like some of the more high energy dance club music, which they do not listen to.

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My musical taste is very similar to my mother’s, and radically different from my father’s and moderately different from my sister’s. My dad is very much into classical, but he likes early Sixties rock n’ roll, too. My mom is a fan of late Sixties to early Seventies rock, such as The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Moody Blues. My sister likes my dad’s, my mom’s and mine, but her preference is recent music, and not the good kind, the Katy Perry/Bruno Mars kind. But one radical difference is, my mom, my sister and I all accept whatever music is on, however, my dad, if he doesn’t approve of it, will simply turn it off, which is whenever we’re playing it, and if he’s playing it, it’s playing over everything.

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My dad hated the Beatles and rock in general. He loved Big Band music, and Dinah Washington.
My mom loved broadway musicals and country, and especially Little Jimmy Dickens and Billy Ray Cyrus. She hated rock.
I have a very broad love of music, from opera to Gershwin to the Squirrel Nut Zippers to Adele, but I can’t deal with some of the stuff my folks listened to. I love the music my dad loved, but I love the Beatles and rock in general.
I can’t bear to listen to most country, though I do like Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.

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My parents enjoyed jazz and classical music. I’ve added to that, Broadway musicals, opera, choral music, and folk music from around the world plus the Beatles, Elton John, and Queen.

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I share my parents’ taste in music, but I also have a penchant for finding and listening to off-the-wall stuff like remixed video game music.

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I listen to plenty of music that my parents wouldn’t ever consider listening to, but there is still enough overlapping between our tastes that we can enjoy listening to the radio together.

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Yes it is.

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My parents loved popular music of their era (40’s and 50’s). I always loved the rock ‘n roll popular in the 60’s and 70’s… but now, I’m appreciating their music more and more.

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Exactly what @tranquilsea said. I even went to a few concerts with my father when I was younger.

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Nope. We both grew up in the Northwest U.S. in the 80s and 90s, so our base is usually 90s rock, alternative, grunge, and hip-hop.

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It’s about 85% the same as my dad’s taste in music but fairly different from my mum’s.

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Radically, is not a good enough word to explain the difference.

My parents grew up with banjo picking and fiddle playing country songs and I hate it today because of this. I was forced to listen to this, until I became a teenager.

I am an old rocker and always will be.

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Actually, no and yes…while my dad had his favorites, things like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones…he was an avid fan of all sorts of music. He listened to very different things such as Enya, Cradle of Filth (he made me discover them) punk music, classical, lots of French stuff…his tastes were all over the place. The only thing he didn’t touch was pop, but he would otherwise try all sorts of music, and keep what he liked.

I’m a bit the same, sometimes it’s hard for me to define my favorites, due to all the stuff I listen to. Like my dad, or anyone else really, I got my favorites. Industrial and Viking metal first and foremost, but I love all sorts of other stuff. Folk songs from Qu├ębec and Ireland, ’‘violent’’ classical music, techno, all sorts of metal, dance music, classic rock, even some gospel, and some pop and rap, too. I also consider video game and horror movie tracks legitimate music haha.

So I follow in my dad’s footsteps this way, since I listen to all sortsa crap. Despite the vast amount of music in between him and I though, it’s like we never went into the same direction really, when it came to tastes and exploration. We explored different genres, although my dad was a whole lot less biased than I am, and as I say, he led me to discover a lot of stuff I love now.

But if we talk about favorites only, well yeah, we differ quite a lot. His fave stuff is all the big classic music from when he was a young hippie lol, and my fave is underground electronica that usually talks about murder or people thinking they’re Vikings. A big contrast. I don’t know what this means, I mean, do people like music for different reasons? Probably, but I don’t know enough about stuff like that to really go on about it.

My mom on the other hand, listens to a lot of country. I don’t despise the genre no, but I won’t go out of my way to listen to it, either. She also likes rock a lot, a lot of the big classic names.

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Yes, absolutely. My parents listen to country music exclusively, while I hate it because I was forced to listen to it until I moved out. An old boyfriend introduced me to classic rock in my teens, and though that relationship didn’t last, my love for the music did.

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I would say my taste includes much of my parents taste, but I also listen to some stuff that they don’t like, and they listen to some stuff I don’t.

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My parents never listened to their own music when I was growing up. My Mother’s sister was closer to my age than she was my Mom’s, so I grew up liking her music because other than being in church, the only music I ever heard was hers. My parents got married just after WWII so I assume that they liked Blues, Jazz, & Swing. I cut my teeth on Doo Wop, then moved on to Rock & Roll. My Mom almost fainted when she first saw Elvis girate. My adult years included a lot of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. When I grew up I began to appreciate Country. After meeting my husband, he introduced me to the Blues. In exploring the Blues, I discovered Jazz. Now, I mainly listen to the Blues, Jazz, & Classic Rock. So, in some ways I’ve evolved into enjoying my parents music!!!

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