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Shouldn't we have a "complete/append" function in the context menu?

Asked by Zyx (4165points) March 12th, 2012

I suppose there’s a reason we don’t have that functionality but I’m still curious what’s preventing it. Is this a windows issue? All these folders and files could be managed so much better… I’m using Total Commander instead of explorer and I’m so used to the added functionality I’m surprised other people even get by.

I feel cheated when a download fails at 93% and I have to start over even though the incomplete file is still on my disk.

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Are you talking about on Fluther or where? I ‘m not sure what you mean.

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Yeah…. I have no idea what you’re talking about. What, exactly, would such a function do, when and how would it be used?

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A lot of download managers have the ability to resume a download, even after catastrophic failure. Free Download Manager is pretty good, though it tends to launch itself whenever you go to download something.

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I meant to compare it to Copy and Paste in explorer which I’ll assume everyone is familiar with. If I have two files which have almost the exact same content I would like to be able to merge them and use a fraction of the saved space to tell the computer how to split the files (or read them) again. There’s a bunch of functions like this which are possible and could end up saving time and money, but microsoft doesn’t seem to care about that. Like I said: I use total commander instead of explorer but I’m still curious if there are better file managers out there.

@Nullo Any idea how to continue a download from a different url? I use flashgot but I never really figured out how to do anything like that.

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<shrug> Never in my life have I had the thought “Gee, I really wish I could merge these two very similar files together without actually opening them and copy/pasting the contents!”.

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You probably don’t have 5 HDDs then! Also opening corrupted or incomplete files is crazy annoying. I’m going to be angry until the world is as efficient as I think it should be.

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