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Why can't I log into fluther through my favorites anymore?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) March 12th, 2012

I am told fluther is over it’s capacity.
I logged on through Google.
Is there a solution?

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If you were on the site when we had server problems, you need to clear your cache (history/footprints/cookies) and restart your browser. That should do the trick.

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I still can not go to fluther’s home page and add fluther back into my favorites. I can only go through google or History.

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Same here. I have deleted my browsing history, cookies, twice since last night, rebooted and still my only access is via google and then, clicking on another members profile for access. No other links work. Once in I still cannot utilize the “home” button, still getting the “over capacity” error.
It’s a mystery, for now anyway. :-/

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LOL I am sure they will fix it eventually.
Thank you for your response.
Happy Monday.

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@augustlan clearing history and re-starting the browser (and re-starting the PC) hasn’t worked for me.

ETA: managed to login by typing in the url for my profile and going from there.

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11:09 on the west coast and still wonky…aaah well, keeps us on our creative toes. lol

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Weird… most likely related to the continuing issues we’ve had with our new host. That being said, seems fine to me. Anyone else still having problems?

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Yep, still having to access through google and no links work other than the portal via Saboteurs profile link. lol

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I haven’t been having any trouble getting in. Very odd. Any updates on this, @ben?

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I can log on through google, history or those links E post. I can not go home
I feel better knowing others are experiencing this too.
LOL it is not my computer.

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Yes, and there’s no place like home. lol
Still fluthering along via alternate and clever routes over here. haha

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Happy Monday evening.

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Still having problems this evening (midnight UK time) but it seems to be only the front page that’s wonky.

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Same old firefox bookmark is still working, but I’ve seen neptune a couple times in the past few days.

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