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What would be a really bad job for someone who is accident prone?

Asked by JustPlainBarb (5027points) March 12th, 2012

I would think anyone cleaning windows on high rise buildings might have a problem with that! :)

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Diamond cutter.

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Plastic surgeon

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18-wheeler truck driver.

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CNC machinist. Not only do we deal with machines that can cut you, crush you, or rip you in half, the shop I work at has the added fun of forklifts, cranes, and (because it’s in a foundry) hot metal, sometimes molten. And then there is the chemical that we use to remove ceramic from castings; caustic enough to eat your eyeballs out before you can make it to the eyewash station, and we have a tank of it big enough to drown a fullsized truck. Not only can my job kill you, it also offers ways to dispose of the body.

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Lumberjack. Oil Rigger. Band saw operator.

Know what they call someone on an oil rig that has all their fingers? The new guy.

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Gynecologist….“where the fuck’s my watch!?!”

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Sales person in a china shop.

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Firearms instructor

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Glass installer

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The emergency room nurse

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Quality control in a glass-making factory.

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Wow @jerv you description of hazards for CNC operators is worse that I thought it could be. I work in the metals industry any our shop and customers use CNC lathes and torches. I guess I should now say that being a field service engineer for companies that use CNC equipment is dangerous.

My accident only involved falling off a truck. I guess I’m fortunate that I only hit a concrete floor instead of a vat of corrosive acid.

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Chef. (I wouldn’t last ten minutes in a professional kitchen without injuring myself somehow)

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Ski jumper.
Suicide bomber.
Tightrope walker.

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Brain surgeon.

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Steel worker

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I worked on a dairy farm one summer. Halfway through, they decided I was ready to drive a tractor. It was the hottest day of the summer and the tractor they gave me was normally used to scrape (cow)shit up from the yard where the cows wait to be milked. It was a tractor with a low exhaust pipe. A pipe covered in shit.

You do know they burn cowshit for fuel in many parts of the world? Can you think of another incendiary you might find on a dairy farm? Something they use to feed cows? Something, that when dry, can get set on fire really fast? Like…. hay?

They sent me out into the field on the hottest day of the summer in a little tractor with cowshit all over the hot exhaust pipe in order to rake the hay. That is, pile it up so it would be easy to bale.

I shall leave it to your imagination as to what happens when a bit of burning cowshit drops into a pile of nicely dried hay.

I’m not sure I was accident prone… although a few days later, I would be a lot more sure. But I will say that when you’re 17, and hot as hell, and you don’t know shit (literally), your concern, when smelling a burning smell, is to find someplace cool to stop and investigate the problem.

Big mistake!

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I helped a friend put a ring in a boar’s nose. He didn’t like it much and actually climbed the stall where he was being held. The next thing I know, a 400 pound pig is just over my shoulder. I took off running and climbed a fence. The boar charged the fence and was batting it trying to knock me off.

Farm work and especially pigs are too dangerous for me.

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Oh man, for me? Anything that involves power tools and fire. lol
I have cut through an extension cord with a pair of electric hedge trimmers that sent me running while the cord sparked and, I have set my bedroom, deck and myself on fire 3 times in the last 6 years. No wine and cooking/candles, torches or power tools for this left handed blonde. haha

I actually burned the entire sleeve off of a sweater a few years ago drinking wine and cooking. ” Oooh something is burning, OH, it’s me! ” Yep, as I looked down the entire cuff of my sweater fell off burning on the floor. No injuries, a perfect circular burn, and the citronella torch that caught on fire in a giant potted tree on my deck that had everyone partying in my hot tub trying to douse the flames with wine glasses full of water. Heh!

It melted the pot into my deck, scorched 2 planks and a small fire had stated beneath the deck. That was the weekend in 2007 that a huge forest fire was raging in the Lake Tahoe area about 50 miles from me, figured I’d help burn down the rest of the county. lol

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@Ron_C @jerv

I used to do CNC machining too. I agree with Jerv.

LOL. At my 1st job they showed us this video for safety training once. I wish I could find the whole video, it’s hilarious! The funniest part to me, was that we watched this and then got sent out there to work with all the tools we just watched people being mutilated by.

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My boss lost a couple of fingers a few years ago. They managed to re-attach them, but still…

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A guy working the sheer where I worked cut off all the fingers on his right hand.

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Deli counter worker.

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Press operator, lumberjack, sewing machine operator, chemist, pharmacist, immunologist, crane operator.

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@6rant6 LOl…Yeah, I hope my life never depends on being able to operate a crane.

I should never be a bus driver either and never put me behind the wheel of a motor home. That’s another story. haha

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@Coloma Or become a urologist, probably.

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Styay away from my kidneys.

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@Coloma Well, yes, of course. There was not much attraction there to start with.

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Knife sharpener, or any kind of professional vehicle driver. @jerv‘s machine shop is right up there with those, too!

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Industrial maintenance work: high voltages, working on live circuitry, dangerous moving mechanical equipment, high pressure steam/pnuematic piping, dangerous chemicals, working at heights at times, operating all types of powered industrial equipment, etc.

@jerv Sodium Hydroxide? I’ve managed to get this on my arms already while working on a chemical pump and I thought it was worse than many acids.

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One of those guys that mark the distance for the javelin throwers.

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@Adirondackwannabe That or a long jumper (be warned, a bit gross).

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@rebbel Ouch, I hadn’t seen that one.

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@Adirondackwannabe Neither did the long jumper ;-)

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@rebbel Oh that’s bad, but LMAO

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Working in a level four lab.

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Someone who is truly accident prone is pretty much screwed. For them there are ways to get hurt that haven’t even been discovered yet.

Has anyone said bull semen collector?

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Working in a liquor store or a wine shop.

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Knife thrower.

Neonatal ICU nurse.

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