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What motorcycle should a beginner buy for under $2,500?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) March 12th, 2012

I have never ridden before and have little mechanical experience but am willing to learn. I would like something that is as reliable as possible. I was looking at 70’s Japanese bikes, Honda CB550’s and the like because they are cheap and I like what can be done to them aesthetically. I have heard, though, that this is not a good choice for a beginner in mechanics who wants reliability

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I can’t tell you what specific bike to buy. But for a beginner, don’t get one overly powerful. Stay below 600cc. Eventually, you’ll want a more powerful bike, but it’s dangerous to learn to ride on a powerful bike.

Here’s a good site to answer your questions:

Most important, get a good helmet with Snell certification. This is more important than the bike you choose.

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I don’t know but be sure to get good accident insurance and sign an organ donor card, a DNR and a will.

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I suggest a Yamaha or Honda at Maybe 600cc to 800cc anything above that you really looking to have had experience first my first bike was a Yamaha R125 but i am now looking for an Yamaha R6 or Kawasaki Ninja but if i had not had driven faster bikes in a safely controlled environment i would have neve gone for the bikes im looking to purchase now.

Cheap + Reliable = Cheerful Rider

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i agree with @Madisonpaige , get a good helmet. They used to say, if you have a $20.00 head, get a $20.00 helmet.
I suggest four things for a beginner; get a smaller bike like a 250 cc dual purpose, buy a newer bike the ones you are looking at are all over 30 years old and you can find a newer one in the same price range and it will sell quicker when you decide to move up, The japanese bikes seem to be a little less tempermental and you can find someone to work on them without paying through the nose. and finally, take riding lessons.
One other thing, if you decide to take the DP bike off road remember, “Trees don’t budge and inch”.

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I ride every day. I would say 500cc or below if you are a first timer. The old Hondas and Suzukis are pretty reliable bikes. There are many early 80’s bikes to fit what you are looking for. I would suggest whatever bike you choose, buy a Clymer repair manual for the specific bike. If you are mechanically inclined, with a manual you can fix most anything on an older bike. My other suggestion would be to take the rider safety course. It will help you immensely and lower your insurance rate slightly.

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