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Do you have any hilarious but embarrassing moments you enjoy remembering?

Asked by Sunny2 (18810points) March 12th, 2012

I have a lot of these moments and still laugh out loud. Want to share?

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The most recent, for me, was when we were skiing as a family. We were lined up for the chairlift (a quad lift) and I wasn’t paying attention and then thought I missed our chair. I lunged for it and ended up being dragged by the chair lift a few feet before they shut the whole thing down.

I covered my face and I was laughing uncontrollably, in an embarrassed sort of way. They thought I was injured.

My family love to bug me about it.

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The one that inspired this question: I was in my 20’s, 5’6’’ 115 lbs and in the army and had hopped (taken army airplanes when they were available) most of the way across the country to meet my fiance’s parents. I had to take a train the last leg of the trip and arrived in Grand Central Station, New York, at 5 in the morning. I was wearing my army uniform and walking through the huge station. A drunk started following me and, at the top of his lungs was yelling, “Who’re you protectecting? “Who’re you protectecting?” I was embarrassed, but laughing inside.

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I was a bridesmaid when my husband’s sister got married. I was the schmuck who tripped in the middle of the aisle. Luckily, I didn’t fall, but it was still embarrassing. We still laugh about it.

She had the perfect wedding laughs, really. I tripped halfway down the aisle, and the maid of honor accidentally flashed the groom when she was straightening the bride’s train. We watch the wedding video and crack up. “Oh, here’s where Abby trips. Whoops, and that’s where Sarah flashed Mark!” It’s pretty dang funny. =0)

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I was riding to lunch with friends from work in the back of one of them’s van. I was sitting on an upturned wooden crate. He made a turn and the crate (and I) slid across the van impaling my cheek (not on my face) with a very large splinter, which I had to go to the doctor’s office to have removed.

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Not hilarious at all anymore, only embarrassing. I was 14 or 15 at some house party. I was never good with the ladies until recently when I learned to be more social and not such a nerd.

So we’re all talking in a circle, just having some drinks and having a good time. A girl that I liked stood up and her underwear was showing, so I gently pulled it and it snapped back, making her jump. I started laughing like an idiot and no one else laughed. I brushed it off then, but when I think about other random things I did as a teen that I’ve done: there’s only a wave of sadness, realizing that I was so stupid back then.

If I could go back and do anything right, it would be to have more social skills.

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@Blackberry You weren’t stupid. Just young. We all did things we were embarrassed about then, but that’s what’s fun about sharing them.

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The premiere moment was when I was 16 and stuffed my bra with inserts before a party. Dancing my little heart out when, all of a sudden, one of my “boobs” fell out and the guys were all playing catch with my falsie. lol

Sooo humiliating, but…I still got the guy I was trying to impress! haha

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@Coloma Oh god why…........Lol.
@Sunny2 Thanks for the esteem boost :)

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I live by a golf course and was taking a walk through the neighborhood. As I was walking by a bunch of golfers at a tee, I heard one guy yell out, ”NICE BUTT!”. I was flabbergasted that someone could be so tacky! I walked off quickly mumbling under my breath .. grrrr!

As I walked by them, I heard someone else say, ”REALLY NICE PUTT!!!!.

Ooops! my bad! lol

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I had just burnt down a whole field of hay and was waiting at the edge of the field for my boss to show up. All the farmhands and the firemen were all lined up there watching the field burn. There wasn’t anything they could do about it.

My boss drives up in his pickup and walks over. I’m pretty much expecting to be fired on the spot, but he just walks up to the edge of the field and watches for a little bit.

Then, still not looking at me, he says, “That’s the fastest 40 acres of hay I ever took up.”

He didn’t fire me the next day, either.

And two days later, he called a bunch of us down to his truck. We were doing various things in the field. I was driving a tractor that had a front bucket on it, but the bucket had been removed and all the hydraulics had been taped over where the hoses attached to the levers.

I accidentally leaned against one of the levers while listening to my boss, and the hydraulic fluid pushed through the tape and spurted up all over my white undershirt. I think everyone laughed pretty hard.

He still didn’t fire me.

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I once did a strip tease dance to my underwear in front of a bus load of people when I had to change my clothes. We were in a dense rainstorm in the jungles of Guatemala and the bus got stuck in the mud. We all had to get out and push, and I slipped and fell.

I made about 20 bucks.

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I have embarrassing moments daily.
When I was younger, I was having breakfast in the garden with family and friends. Someone said something funny and I laughed a giant snot-bubble into my bowl of cereal. Makes me laugh now and feel slightly nauseous

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@Rarebear Well, diversity rules, Doc by day, male stripper by night.
You can make a video, ‘Jungle Doc.” lol

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I was Cinderella in our high school production of Into to Woods. It was the finale of act one and I was dancing and singing with my prince. Suddenly my hoop skirt falls down and the auditorium roars. I step out of my hoop skirt pick it up and throw it, staying in character as much as possible. The skirt landed on the narrator. Because I didn’t have the hoop skirt the rest of my skirts were on the floor and I tripped on them and sprained my ankle. Still singing away! The laughter in the auditorium was crazy.

I was taken to the part of the gym where the football players soak sore joints. As I was getting my ankle taken care of I heard two girls walk by saying, “And when Deborah fell you could see all the way down her dress!” I was mortified. But I lived through it and enjoyed a long life of live theater afterwards.

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Being in a restaurant with a friend, and she made some joke about taking a golden colored hamburger wrapper to the pawn shop, to see how much we’d get for it. I tried not to bust out laughing, and in so doing, I ended up spewing snot from my nose all over my mouth and my chest. It was fucking gross, and even though everyone was looking at me, I could not stop laughing, snot hanging all over me and all.

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I was assisting my wife with laundry out in a common laundry room on our floor. We had finished whatever there was to do at the time when one of the washers went into spin cycle. I started doing a dance in time with it, including shaking my tail feathers so to speak. Someone else from the building walked in on this and it was just so funny we both burst out of there back to our apartment and laughed ourselves into exhaustion.

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While out shopping I did something to a woman who looked like my wife from behind…that’s all I want to say about it.

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Yes, and if you tell anyone…
A long time ago, I was asked to get a staple remover. I hadn’t quite gotten all of the supplies into the new office I was setting up, so I went over to the neighboring office and got one. I had been asked to take it into one of the exam rooms, and when everyone started laughing, I realized that they were asking for a surgical staple remover.
I’m not entirely sure I was supposed to know that. But, the people in the room with the patient were all laughing so hard, that it was a little hard not to get caught up in the fun of it all. The Doctor and nurses never let me forget that. Fortunately, I’m older and know quite a bit more. Oh, and the patient was under heavy sedation at the time.

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@MilkyWay Yeah, I was afraid to ask.

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@annewilliams5 @Sunny2 Kinda in the dark here guys, spill.

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@MilkyWay Sorry, I should have specified. I don’t understand the ^..:o. Forgive me, I’m old and feeble minded. (That was not sarcasm)

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@annewilliams5 I was just expressing my surprise at @woodcutter ‘s statement lol! That is embarassing.

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@MilkyWay I didn’t understand the little thing made with punctuation marks, which has a name, but I don’t remember it

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@MilkyWay Never be embarrassed here. Not necessary. I just didn’t get it. Not anything new.
@woodcutter Yeah, I’m not at all sure how to respond to your addition to the conversation. So that will be all I say, about what you said.

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@woodcutter my BIL once (years ago now) came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and then leaned in to kiss my neck. I giggled and said, “I’m not who you think I am.” I’ve not seen a man move as fast as he did.

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