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Are "doctor's office" children's toys free of germs for your children to play with?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) March 12th, 2012

I was in Bill Wilkerson’s Hearing Aid Center at Vanderbilt today. I waited my turn to have my hearing aids checked out. They took me to the children’s room (only one available)for my visit. As I waited, I noticed a large group of children’s toys in a box. Then, this question came to me. How safe are these toys for all children to play with? Not from a safety standpoint of safe toys, but from a germ and bacterial standpoint. Are these toys ever cleaned? Are they passing germs from one child to the other? Or, do the germs they contain, eventually die and there is no threat of cross-contamination?

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I’m thinking no. But I don’t expect a pediatrician’s office to be germ-free…quite the opposite.

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For years, I have wondered about this. I have never seen office personnel clean the toys with Lysol or other spray.

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You could say the same for a multitude of different environments, we’d never let our kids touch a thing if we became paranoid buggers.

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My brother has a suppressed immune system, so we’re always very careful with stuff like this. No, they aren’t safe. Neither are ball pits.

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@Esedess What is a ball pit? I was going to say I didn’t know balls had pits, but thought I’d better not.

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At the doctor’s office I use to work at, we would clean the toys when we wiped down the table and other equipment if someone was playing with them. We also cleaned them at the end of the day, even if no one played with them.

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The offices I’ve worked at always cleaned them at the end of the day, after everyone had left. Occasionally, after someone particularly germy came in, but for the most part those parents just didn’t let their kids play with the toys.

I’m not sure it’s really that much worse than toys in your house, in the grocery store, in schools, in daycares, in toy stores, on the subway… Let kids build up a resistance to germs early on.

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@Esedess Thank you! Of course. I’ve seen them, but my kids were grown before they became popular. Of course those things are sterilized after every use. Not.

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Probably no worse than the belt handrails on moving stairs, or seats and poles on the subway. Usually, the people who go to the doctor are sick. Going there puts everybody else at risk.

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I’m sure they aren’t germ-free, but what is?

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Is anything germ-free? A few germs is actually a good thing in my opinion anyway.

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