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Do the magnetic stips on hotel room cards contain all your personal details?

Asked by pussinboots (213points) March 12th, 2012

I heard that the magnetic strip issued by hotels as a room charge key contains all your personal details including credit card/debit card details . Is this true ? I never hand my room key back when I leave for exactly the reason above it only takes a batch to be thrown out in the trash or a dodgy employee to pass it on to a fraudster,though I must say I dont know if its an urban myth or not. Could anyone confirm either way please?

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I would be very surprised if that were true. I can’t imagine those cards containing anything more than a temporary code for the door to your room. Furthermore, with how many keys are handed out each day, I would think hotels reuse the cards when they’re returned. It would be quite expensive to constantly be buying new keys when you could just reprogram old ones with the updated code.

I found this.

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Haha ha I’m a bit late on the scene looking at the date on your link lookslike the myth is alive and kicking though. Thanks

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No. Not at all. Read the truth on Snopes.

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“Do hotel key cards have guests’ personal information on them? We surveyed several major hotels in California, Nevada, and Florida and the consensus was emphatic: No hotel key cards have any personal information on them, not even the guest’s name. There are some hotels, such as the Hard Rock and Portofino Hotels in Orlando, Florida, that have allow key cards to be used for purchases, but there is no identifying information on the key card. The purchases are billed to the room number and added to the guests hotel charges.” Truth or Fiction

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I’m sure that’s not true at all. The only thing programmed on those “keys” is to unlock the door. I’m not sure why there would be a need for anything more on them.

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No. It’s a new urban myth. lol

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