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Is there a good method of checking sale prices on items online?

Asked by keobooks (14276points) March 13th, 2012

I once stumbled across an incredible sale at Best Buy on my favorite video game series. I didn’t have the cash available, so I didn’t get anything. I got 150$ in gift certificates to Amazon so I was going to buy from there.

I didn’t want to buy unless I found a better deal than was on sale at Best Buy all those months back, so I’d just randomly check Amazon every other week or so. Well two days ago, I got amazingly lucky. The games I wanted were 66% off. I bought around 120$ worth of games for under 50 bucks. I told some people about it, but the next day, the sale was gone! I got REALLY lucky. There were only 2 items I wanted that I didn’t get because they weren’t on sale. One was only on sale for PC but not for Mac, and the other was a brand new title that of course is still full price.

Anyway, is there a good way to keep an eye out for sales on items you want that doesn’t involve obsessively checking websites every day? I’d also request leaving Ebay and other resellers out of the picture because I don’t like to buy software on ebay. I’ve had mixed results (like the seller not mentioning that they were selling the UK version of software and it wouldn’t work with the US software already installed.)

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If there is something I know I am going to buy, I add it to my Amazon shopping cart and click “save for later”. So whenever I take a look at my cart, it will tell me in a notice at the top of the page which item(s) have changed in price, and by how much.

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When installed on your browser, Invisible hand will show the cheapest prices available on the Net.

My husband alerts me of sales on the Net all the time as he gets daily updates on Deal News

I also add things to my Amazon cart, as @tom_g does. I have favorites in Ebay emailed to me to be alerted to the best prices via Buy-It-Now or auctions. I have favorite sellers in ebay with emails so I can be alerted to sales/specials, also.

My husband has an app on his iPhone. We rarely buy anything from a store without checking for the lowest price first.

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Another great site I just discovered is Priceonomics but it’s focused on tracking things sold on ebay and craigslist.

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I have added things i’m looking for to my amazon wishlist. Thanks @tom_g for that handy hint. Invisible Hand didn’t seem to work out for the Mac, but I may try it for our PC later. I really liked Deal News. Pricenomics looks OK for things other than for what I’m shopping for, but I don’t like to buy used software. THanks for all these ideas.

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