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Is it possible to obtain a .edu e-mail handle while in community college?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 13th, 2012

I currently to go Southwestern College, in Chula Vista California. I’m trying to sign up for Amazon’s free two day shipping student section. My school is on their list of qualified schools, yet it is asking for a .edu e-mail handle.

My guess is most likely no, not even my professors have a .edu

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I had a look around your college’s website, and you might be right. If I were you, I would start by writing to the Help Desk email address given on this page. If they can’t help you, they probably know who can. Maybe they just haven’t listed the relevant contact info on the website.

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Yeah I should have e-mailed Larry Lambert, he’s the college’s most tech savvy guy. I figured I’d give Fluther a shot, thanks daps!

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Many community colleges do have a network of servers dedicated to handling a university mailing system. At those schools, students are routinely given .edu addresses upon enrolling. It’s not always well advertised, however, so it’s possible that an e-mail address was generated for you without anyone explicitly mentioning it (perhaps it is on one of the many sheets of paper you were probably handed during orientation or registration).

The answer you get from Mr. Lambert, then, is likely to depend on whether or not there is already a system like this in place. While some departments at your school do have their own .edu addresses, they’re not just going to create one for you if they don’t have some sort of system in place. It’s good that you are contacting someone directly, though, because it may make them aware of what their students are missing out on by not having a .edu address. Maybe this will encourage them to get their act together!

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There’s almost certainly a student e-mail server at the college but whether it ‘s a .edu or a .cc you will have to find out.

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That seems unusual to me. I go to a community college and every student, and every professor has their own .edu email address. Perhaps you have one that you created when you applied that maybe you forgot about or don’t know about?

Might be worth asking in the library for or something.

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All community colleges in my area generate .edu addresses for students and professors. It’s possible you have one but weren’t notified about it. Contact your school’s tech help.

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CCs in my state give out .edu addresses to their students.

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It’s a no go for my CC. Lame as fuck. In 2012 we have the technology and capacity yet we cannot do it.

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That is lame. See if you can contact Amazon, maybe? Perhaps the school can confirm your enrollment for them. It’s more work than you should have to do, but maybe it will work out.

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