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What would your slogan be were you the first man/woman of your political party?

Asked by rebbel (24949points) March 13th, 2012

What would your slogan be were you the first man/woman of your political party?

Yes, you are now the leader of your own political party and you are at the start of a campaign.
What slogan, inspired by your personal world view and your opinions, and that would possibly be voiced by millions of people, would you coin?

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Humanity Helper

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Sounds delicious! ;)

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Sincerely working to make a difference for You.

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Social and economic freedom, with a few safety nets.

Oh, and every woman has to register for my harem draft upon reaching 18; one woman per year is selected.

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Go ahead and vote for me

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A chicken in every pot. Or possibly, a little pot in every chicken. I’d need some poll testing to be certain.

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Don’t talk no shit.

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Got Change?

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When I mysteriously get shot in the face, you will have proof I was doing the right thing.

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“True liberty is a hard pill for some to swallow.”

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If I do nothing at all, It will be better than trying without a clue.

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Like Weebles, We wobble but we don’t fall down.

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Don’t Vote for Me
This uses reverse psychology to win tons of votes. It seems to work for most candidates these days; they practically hand us reasons not to vote for them, but this allows them to get a lot of votes.

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I suppose ’‘stop fucking around’’ would find its way somewhere in my words, while I’m shouting my lungs out in some dramatic speech to a legion of knights while brandishing a sword over my head. Or a scythe. Haven’t decided.

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No extremists please!

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It’s not you can

It’s not I can

It’s AmeriCAN

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With good data and common sense, we can make things work a lot better!

of course, that’s pandering a bit, since I don’t believe common sense has anything to do with it.

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@King_Pariah That’s a nice sound bite.

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Strength, safety, style, Exterminate the Human Race. Exterminate. EX-TER-MI-NATE!

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Vote for me and nobody gets hurt.

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<————- Vote for me or you’ll never see this baby again!

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