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If you have ever left a religion and no longer consider yourself part of that religion, do you ever feel insecure without it?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6505points) March 13th, 2012

I used to consider myself a very strong Christian, but yet I feel I am getting nowhere in life. My father, on the other hand, is a very strong Bible-believer still and he has never had to look for a job in his life. Not even once. He graduated from University when he was 20, I think. Soon after he graduated, he was offered a great job across the country from where he lived at the time without even looking for it and took it. After years of working for the company who hired him, the company laid off several workers and other jobs took on other employees from the company. He was one of the ones who got a new job without looking for it. He seems to trust that God will find a place for him to work, and even when he knew it was possible he would be laid off, he did not stress out about it at all! He trusted God completely to help him. This works for him. Is it possible that God is not behind it, but his faith in God helped keep him calm in what could have resulted in a huge financial loss for himself? Or is there truly a God who is behind this all, and my lack of faith in this God is why I have not had the same sort of success? Is it possible for me to find true security without God? If so, how?

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