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AVG detected a supposed threat but how do I know it's really a problem?

Asked by AshlynM (10678points) March 13th, 2012


This is what the threat is and it’s level 3 security risk. Does anyone know what this is?

Should I put it in quarantine? Will this mess up my computer if I do? Just before I received this message, I did try and play an AVI.sfk file in RealPlayer but it didn’t work. Maybe this is what it thought was a virus?

What do I do?

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Delete it. It’s a trojan pretending to be a Windows program. But if it was a legitimate Windows program, it wouldn’t be hanging out on the root of your E: drive.

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Go ahead and quarantine it.

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Yes, I would take no chances. Delete it and run a virus check.

The red Trojan is not a nice person.

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Deleting the file seems the right choice now.

But, whenever you are unsure of it, quarantine it. That way, it won’t harm your windows. I guess, you can restore quarantined files.

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