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Men as a child did you ever wear your mothers clothes ?

Asked by pussinboots (213points) March 13th, 2012

This is my last question for today and rather than pass up on the opportunity of using it I thought this could well be a strange but answerable question which inturn could produce a decent debate.

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Negative. I came into this world as a male and my family kept me that way.

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@john65pennington you state ” kept you” are you suppressing some inner desire? lol

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Negative. They also gave me a pair of cap pistols and holsters and I never shot anyone in my life.

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Oh goodness, this question has so much potential to be absolutely hilarious.

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My brother used to wear my mom’s dresses and high heels. He is still a male, still has a penis, has a wife and kids. He was under 5 when he did this.

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Still has the potential to be a bit of a crossdresser at heart wouldn’t you say ?

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Doubt it. I think it is a fairly common thing to do, dress in your mom’s clothes when you are a child.

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No. Tried on my dad’s combat boots once.

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Let’s see apparently between the ages of 1 and 3 I had a tendency to wear my mom’s stocking over my face, turn myself into the joker with her make up, and attempted to don one dress. However, this is all disputable as there is no evidence of this aside from my parents’ word and we all know how unreliable eye witness testimony is. Thus, until evidence can be brought forward, I am innocent of the charges of wearing my mother’s stuff.

(I do remember donning a helmet that belonged to a dead Iraqi though that my dad brought home from the highway of death. Turned out to have been a US Army helmet from Vietnam so I wore helmet that potentially two dead people wore :| )

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The rumors that I used to try on my mother’s clothing are entirely false and quite scurrilous to boot! Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that. Oh no. And don’t get the wrong idea. When I said boot, I was not exhibiting some hidden desire to try on high heeled shoes. Oh no.

I never tried to pull on those very shiny smooth heels that rose so high and made me feel like a wobbly little vixen. Oh no. Not me. Never did. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Of course not. Those beautiful dresses? So bright? So slick? No no no, I never ever wanted to see what I would look like. I mean. They were too big for me, weren’t they? I could never get them over my head, or my head to stick out or whatever. I mean, the material was all bunchy, wasn’t it? Under my arms? My cute little arms? No. No. Never tried it. And she never told me I had cute little arms. No she didn’t. Anyone who says she did is a liar!

And you can’t find that picture there aren’t any pictures so anyone who says I did is talking through their hat! Oh, what a sweet hat that was, too!

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I used one of her bras as a hammock one time, very uplifting experience.

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No – they, like her, reeked of cigarettes so I kept my distance.

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Yes, I loved how my mother’s nylon panties & slips felt. When I was all alone, at home, I slip into a pair of her white panties and a lacy white slip- getting me all aroused, as my penis became erect. Later, I learned about masturbation, to releive my sexual excitement while wearing those silky nylon panties.

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Gosh, I hope you washed them before you gave them back!

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