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When your parents swore, what were their favored cuss words or phrases?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) March 13th, 2012

I am feeling nostalgic for old school exclamations of displeasure.

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Shit and fuck I think. If memory serves. Pretty sure they have maintained those as their primary curse words.

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Goddammit to hell.
Son of a bitch.

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Dammit to hell. We used to giggle over it.

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My Dad used to say “I’ll be go to hell!”
My Mom wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouth full of it.

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My parents just recently started swearing and I love it. I told my mom the guy I was dating was 6’5” and she said “are…. You…. Shitting me.” I died laughing

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Darn it!

Yeah, they were badass…~

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My Dad’s favorite was “For cryin’ outloud!”
He also liked “Dammit to hell!”

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Damnit and piss. I couldn’t stand to hear “piss”.

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My mom used combinations of damn and shit for everything. The one I hated the most was “Goddamn it, Lingua…”

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I don’t recall ever hearing my Mother say cuss words. And she had a very hard life trying to support her three kids alone. I never saw hew cry either.

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My mother got this one from granny….“You’re like a whore at a bastards christening!!”
Never quite worked out what it meant, but there you go.
Buggerlugs & twatbags were 2 other favourites, honestly it was like living with Mary Poppins.

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Oh my mom was full of swears and sort-of-swears. All the usual shits, damns, and fucks, of course, and the occasional “fudgesicle” when in polite company. My favorites though, were always some kind of combo:

Fuck a duck.
Shit on a brick.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
What in the holy hell?
Christ in a handbag.
You smell like a French whorehouse (too much perfume).
God damn it to hell.
Jesus motherfucking Christ.

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Augustlan Lol, that’s quite a list! My father was much more restrained. He wouldn“t take the Lord’s name in vain but his delivery was quite heated just the same! The one time I ever heard him use the word shit! my jaw dropped open. He didn’t know anyone was around to hear him not setting a good example.

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Gawwwwd Dammit!!

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Do not recall my parents swearing much while I was young but in their latter years Dads favorite was “Swine” usially said with venomous intent toward a democratic president on TV.
Moms is “Arsehole” used toward anyone whom she percieves to be disagreeing with her particular outlook; the list of which becomes longer the deeper into dementia she sinks.

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My mother never swore very much. An occassional damn was about it. With my father it was usually when he got hurt. You tend to get banged up on a farm. Motherfucker, son of a bitch, bastard and fuck were his staples.

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Dad’s favorite was “You have shit for brains.”

I think in this day and age that’s a Class I felony, or something.

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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and all the Saints.

Son of a Bitch

@augustlan: I use “Jesus Christ in a Handbag” all the time.

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@cprevite I would love to know where that saying came from. I mean, it doesn’t even make sense to me! I still think it’s hilarious, though.

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@augustlan: I’m guessing it’s the sister phrase to “Hell in a Handbasket”. You’re right though…it makes no sense.

Speaking of no sense, my Aunt used to say, “Oh, fart in a mitten”.

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I use fuckwad a lot when I’m driving. We grow em dumb around here.

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@rojo A long way from Texas. Upstate NY. Is that popular in Texas or do you have a lot of crappy drivers too?

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The latter, I am afraid.

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My dad loved saying dummkopf! when I was young, now it’s all fucks and shits.

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